There is a photograph which is being widely circulated on social media. In this picture, a man is seen with his feed tied to a rope and dragged on the ground with a bike. According to the caption, the photograph is of Pakistan and the man whose body is being dragged is a Hindu who was tortured and killed for chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’.


पाकिस्तान में एक हिन्दू ने जय श्री राम का नारा लगाया तो उसकी ये हालत कर दी इस पोस्ट इतना शेयर करो की हर हिन्दू तक पहुँच सके हिन्दू भाईयों शेयर करें।।और पेज को ऊपर अंगूठे के निशान पे लाइक करें!👍👍

Posted by यूपी है योगी के साथ on Wednesday, 20 December 2017

This post has been shared more than 20,000 times on the Facebook page ‘UP hai Yogi ke saath’. The text along with the photograph reads “पाकिस्तान में एक हिन्दू ने जय श्री राम का नारा लगाया तो उसकी ये हालत कर दी इस पोस्ट इतना शेयर करो की हर हिन्दू तक पहुँच सके हिन्दू भाईयों शेयर करें। और पेज को ऊपर अंगूठे के निशान पे लाइक करें!👍👍” (“This is what happened to a Hindu man who raised the slogan of Jai Shri Ram in Pakistan. Share this post so much that each Hindu receives it. Press the thumb emoticon to like this page”). Other pro-Hindutva pages like ‘Fauji Bhai Rambhakt’ and ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ too have posted this photograph. Slogans like “Jaago Hindu Jaago” (Wake up Hindus), “Pakistan Murdabad “(Death to Pakistan) and Dekhiye Pakistan ki Haqiqat” (Look at the reality of Pakistan) were added while circulating these images.

पाकिस्तान में एक हिन्दू ने जय श्री राम का नारा लगाया तो उसकी ये हालत कर दी इस पोस्ट इतना शेयर करो की हर हिन्दू तक पहुँच सके हिन्दू भाईयों शेयर करें।।और पेज को ऊपर अंगूठे के निशान पे लाइक करें!👍👍

Posted by मेरा भारत महान on Saturday, 23 December 2017

Alt News fact checked the photograph and found that it is from Gaza in Palestine. The photograph which was taken in November 2012 shows a Palestinian dragging a dead body of a man on a motor cycle. The dead man was one of the six men who were shot by masked men in a city square for supporting Israel. Hamas, the militant Palestinian group took responsibility for the killing. In the same month Israel bombed Gaza in an operation known as ‘Pillar of Defence’.


It is clear that the photograph is not from Pakistan, nor is it of any Muslim organisation or people of the Muslim community acting against Hindus. This five year old picture from Palestine is being forwarded on multiple right-wing Facebook pages with the intention of spreading and reinforcing prejudice and hate among communities. Please be cautious when such messages are received and refrain from forwarding them without due verification.

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Chetan Rattan

I understand there is law under IPC and IT Act to arrest people who indulge in rumor mongering and share documents, pictures and assign them unrelated reasons in an effort to create communal tensions which may result in riot etc. cant ALt news take initiative by registering cases against these people under relevant sections of IPC and IT act. because just writing these articles does not help


What to Say…. atmosphere me zahar ghola ja raha hai is tarah ke propaganda se …
this is the way BJP is giving us New India

Rakesh Agrawal

This is nothing new. just a re-confirmation of the fact that the Hindutava criminals and terrorists are determined India’splural, composite & all-accepting culture, that’s under severe threat today as the blind bigots just believe it w/o confirming the facts and are ready to kill and create a mayhem!

Derik Brain

So it was Jewish man. I think Jews are equally oppressed like their Hindu brothers if not more. Alt News is also biased, it doesn’t say the dead man being dragged is a Jew, conveniently calls him just “a man”. Alt News is spreading its LEFT-Liberal agenda.


Was he jews? You know?…sir, you are on wrong page. Better admire this fake post on right wing website and feel to kill all muslims.get your blood boil in hatred and prove that hindu had stopped using mind and concious coz it is so easy for anyone to instigate hindus ferling even with 5 year old pics….infected lakhs of people….be strogly stand with lie…insted of asking questions to hate monger pics spreader…you are asking to alt news….as if spreading of lies does not meant anything yo you


Altnews is doing yeoman service to this nation, by exposing such fake news and videos,which has the potential to disturb peace & hormony of this beautiful country, which is secular and pluralistic democracy. My appeal to the government of India, as a very ordinary senior citizen, that the government must look out such persons, organizations and the places from where the poisonous messages and videos are sent in social media, only with ulterior motive of disturbing the country’s plurality and take severe action as per the country’s laws. Otherwise, this poison will spread and disturb our peaceful country.

It becomes a question of whom to be believed because not everyone can go check up with the news spread in some other media or this site to check up its genuineness. It would be better to spread some general awareness among the public that they should not believe anything they read or watch and spread this further. Even the mainstream media can be wrong in many cases. People should not attach much to some news that has some matter that can provoke some passions. The recent news that Mukesh Ambani has helped his younger brother to the tune of… Read more »