A video is viral on Twitter and Facebook with the claim, “A procession of Sadhus, Agoras, in Haidwar in support of Modi’s CAA. No one knows where these people live and how they are receiving messages. No stone pelting, No Cruel slogans, No bus burning, No police Attack, No Pak zindabad, No public property damage”.

Several Facebook users have also posted the viral video with the same same.

The clip has also been shared with the same claim in Telugu“ఉత్తర ప్రదేశ్, హరిద్వార్ లో ప్రధాని మోడీ కి NRC , CAA కి మద్దతుగా, సాధువులు, నాగ సాధువులు, అఘోరాలు, కనీవినీ ఎరుగని రీతిలో పెద్ద ఎత్తున భారీ ర్యాలీ నిర్వహించారు. వీరంతా ఎక్కడ నివసిస్తారో ఎవరికి తెలియదు. ఇదే భారతదేశ మహిమ.”


Alt News broke down the video into multiple keyframes and did a reverse image search on Yandex. We found the same video shared by a Twitter user, Aviator Anil Chopra, with the message, The greatest temporary spectacle on earth, peaceful and orderly for such a great mass of humanity. Incredible Indian civilisation. #Kumbh2019“. It was posted on March 7, 2019.

The reverse image search also led us to a March 11, 2019 Facebook post by one Suresh Kumar, where the video is accompanied with the caption, “Kumbh Mela Naga sadhu”.

Kumbh Mela Naga sadhu,,,,,

Posted by Suresh Kumar on Monday, 11 March 2019

Kumbh Mela was celebrated from January 15 to March 4 last year and saw a footfall of over a million pilgrims.

The video, however, was also uploaded with a different description on YouTube. A channel uploaded the clip on March 3, 2019, with the caption, Junaghad Naga bavasuggesting that the video pertains to Mahashivratri. This festival fell on March 4 last year.

While the origin of the video could not be independently established, needless to say, it has nothing to do with the Citizenship Amendment Act as it existed on the internet as early as March 3, 2019, which is months before CAA was passed in December 2019.

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