“लो काट लो चालान खोल दिया एक भाई ने पुलिस वालो का खोपड़ा (Fine some more, one person broke open a policeman’s skull”- translation). The above message has been posted on social media along with a video clip. It may be noted that the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, which stipulates steep penalties for traffic violations, came into effect from September 1.

The video clip is 45 seconds long, and shows a man wearing a blue shirt assaulting two traffic police personnel. He hits one of the policemen on the head, with what appears to be a clay utensil, following which the policeman can be seen bleeding. The other cop too is then attacked by this person who body-slams him on the road. The video, apart from being shared on Twitter, has been posted by several users on Facebook with the same text.


To ascertain the origin of the video, Alt News used the key words ‘traffic policemen attacked’ on Google, and found a link to a report by Times Now, dated October 10, 2018.


On opening the article, we found that it pertained to the very incident which has been depicted in the viral video. A screenshot of the video had been published by Times Now along with the report, which stated that the man was allegedly drunk and according to eyewitnesses, assaulted the policemen after he was stopped for not wearing a helmet.

While Times Now mentioned Bengaluru as the scene of this incident, we also found a report by NDTV which stated that it had occurred at Davangere in Karnataka. The same was reported by ANI. Alt News also found a video report by News18 Telugu regarding the same incident.

It may be noted that while this incident did reportedly pertain to a traffic violation, it is an old video from Karnataka, dating back to October 2018, and is not related to the recently amended traffic regulations.

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