“Statement of new elected RJD M P from Bihar. Hats up he openly admits how MP & MLA are making money. Long live RJD”. Along with this message is a video of a political candidate who is saying that he has entered politics to make money. According to posts that are viral across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and also on WhatsApp, this video is of the recently elected RJD MP from Bihar who won in the just-concluded bypoll in the state.

In the video, the candidate is heard saying, “I have no issue for this election. The only agenda is that I want to make money and make my life comfortable. This is how it is in politics. Whoever enters politics makes money. I will do the same (translated)”. Apart from Facebook, the video is also being shared on Twitter with the same description that he belongs to the RJD.

WhatsApp too is being flooded with this message of the victorious RJD candidate openly admitting to the intention of making money instead of serving the people.

Not from RJD

The candidate in the video who allegedly belongs to the RJD is not from the party. In fact, he is not even from Bihar. Gopal Chaudhry contested the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in 2017 from the Agra South constituency. His comments had caused quite a stir back then, but were mostly received with amusement; when asked how he would win the election, he had responded saying, “In such a large country like India, if one man can fool 125 crore people and become the prime minister, it means that he must have some capability of fooling the public. So, why can’t I do it? I will also fool public. I will use all my wits (translated)”.

For those who wish to investigate fake videos on their own, a tool called InVID can prove to be wonderfully helpful. Invid is available as an add on for the Google Chrome browser.

Following is a quick video tutorial of how to use InVid.

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