An 18-second long video clip is being shared on social media with various claims that suggest that the recent protest by the RRB-NTPC aspirants in Patna that turned violent was organised at the behest of Khan sir, who runs the Khan GS Research Centre in Patna.

In the video, Khan sir can be heard saying, “The government should be relieved that we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and the youth have not stepped onto the streets. But if the situation remains the same, I guarantee that the youth will take to the streets. If they don’t then I swear on Mother India that we will make them take to the streets. If the situation does not improve, the youth will be brought to the streets and there will be no place left in Delhi for their sit-ins…”

After the recent RRB-NTPC protest turned violent, an FIR was registered against Khan sir, 16 students and some unidentified persons for allegedly inciting the mob.

Video from 2020

We performed various keyword searches on YouTube and found the original video on the Khan GS Research Centre channel uploaded on August 31, 2020. The clip that is viral on Twitter starts at 13:00 minutes. In the video, Khan sir criticises the SSC-Railway’s failure to conduct exams for vacant posts.

The students’ campaign against the SSC was covered by Ravish Kumar on September 1, 2020.

Hence, an old video of Khan sir criticising the SSC-Railway for its failure to conduct exams was shared with a false claim to suggest this is a recent video that shows Khan sir inciting RRB-NTPC aspirants.

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