Photoshopped image showing Narendra Modi with Chhota Rajan shared on social media

A photograph showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and underworld don Chhota Rajan has been shared on social media platforms. The picture shows a young, clean shaven Mr. Modi smiling at the camera. To his right, a person wearing a white shirt is seen standing about two steps behind. He appears to be Chhota Rajan.

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Posted by Devender Wadera on Thursday, October 3, 2019

The photograph has also been shared with the caption, “मेरे मुन्ना भूल न जाना,मेरे दूध का कर्ज निभाना”, insinuating that PM Modi is obliged to favour Chhota Rajan. It may be noted that Rajan’s brother, Deepak Nikalje will contest the upcoming assembly election on a Republican Party of India (RPI) ticket. RPI is an ally of the BJP.

Four persons can be seen in the photograph, three of who have been tagged with names. The person on the far right in the background, is claimed to be Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. The photo, apart from Facebook, has been posted on Twitter.

The earliest instance found by Alt News dates back to November 2015.


The image is photoshopped. In the original picture, there is no Chhota Rajan. Upon reverse-searching the image on Google, we found the real photograph in an article published in The Times of India dated September 26, 2014. The write-up chronicled Narendra Modi’s visit to the USA undertaken in the 1990s. The person seen standing to the right of Modi is not Chhota Rajan, but an elderly gentleman.

The face of the gentleman on the left (to the right of Narendra Modi) has been morphed. The original and photoshopped images are juxtaposed for comparison.

It may be noted that the image showing Narendra Modi with Chhota Rajan, is photoshopped. The original photograph dates back to 1993 and does not feature the underworld don.

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