A speeding Porsche Taycan crashed into a motorcycle at Kalyani Nagar, Pune, in the wee hours of Sunday, May 19, killing two. The four-wheeler was allegedly driven by the minor son of a builder named Vishal Agrawal. The 17-year-old accused was initially released on bail by the Juvenile Justice Board, but his bail was later revoked and he was sent to a juvenile home.

Against the backdrop of this, a video has surfaced on social media of a boy rapping and it is claimed that he is the minor accused in the Pune incident. Some users have also claimed that the lines he is singing are the ones he wrote since one of his bail conditions required him to write a 300-word essay.

In the video, the man can be heard singing in Hindi: “I sat in my Porsche, intoxicated. A couple appeared in front of my car, and now they’re beneath it. It sounds like a cliché. I’m sorry I ran over you. At 17, with my father’s wealth, I got bail and will be back on the road soon.”

Right Wing propaganda outlet The Jaipur Dialogues (@JaipurDialogues) shared the above-mentioned video on its X (formerly Twitter) handle on May 23 with the caption: “Judiciary asked #Vedantagarwal to write an essay after the Pune Porsche accident. This is the rap he wrote. Police is confirming whether it is his video. But the arrogance is just sick! Whoever made this.” (Archive)

The tweet has received over 10 Lakh views and has been retweeted over 4,200 times.

Marathi media outlets such as Maharashtra Times, ABP Majha and NDTV Marathi also published stories or ran programmes on their channels on the viral video.

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Several other users also shared the same video claiming that it featured the builder’s son.

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Fact Check

On running a relevant keyword search, we came across a news report by the Free Press Journal where the title said, “‘Phir Se Dikhaounga Sadak Pe Khel..’: Alleged Rap Video Of Pune Porsche Crash Accused Goes Viral, Police Calls It Fake”. The report mentioned that the video was made by an Instagram user with the username @cringistaan2. In the report, we found a statement by ACP Sunil Tambe who confirmed that the claim with which the video was being shared was false.

Further, we came across a video posted on Free Press Journal’s official X page which featured the accused minor’s mother. In the video, the woman says that the videos that were circulating did not feature her son and he was at a detention centre. She is heard telling the police Commissioner, “Please protect my son, please protect him.”

We looked up the Instagram handle @cringistaan2, however, the viral video could not be found on the page. But we came across another video that has been posted as an Instagram story on the account wherein he could be heard saying in Hindi: “This is Vedant, I’m back with another rap”. He could then be heard rapping a few lines such as ‘my dad is a builder’, ‘don’t come near me, you’re all poor’.

Below is a comparison of the frames of the viral video and the above-mentioned video. It is clear that both the videos feature the same person.

The Instagram page was deleted at the time of this story being published.

We also came across the above individual’s LinkedIn profile and his name is mentioned to be Aryan Dev (Cringistaan) Neekhra.

Hence, from the above findings, it is clear that the person in the viral video is not the minor accused in the Porsche crash. It was made by a man called Aryan Dev Neekhra, a ‘content creator’.

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