Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is quite a star on social media and especially Youtube and WhatsApp for his extremely inflammatory videos. In his videos, he dresses up in a variety of attires, all of which are used by the different wings of Armed Forces of India and he claims himself to be the Chief Commandos Mentor of the Elite Special Forces. This online persona that he created became so famous that he was even called to News debates after Surgical strike, URI attacks etc. He started getting offers from Bollywood and even got a role in a Tiger Shroff movie called Baaghi.

Shifuji in army attire

Shifuji seen with Bollywood Celebrities
Shifuji seen with Bollywood Celebrities

Meet Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj: The living legend who played Tiger SHroff's trainer in Baaghi
Screenshot from Zee News Article

While Shifuji was climbing up the popularity ladder, there were many who were also doubting his credentials. One man, Abhishek Shukla, took up the responsibility of studying this man and has exposed Shifuji after a lot of elaborate research. We had earlier written on Alt News about Shifuji where we’d used a video posted by Abhishek Shukla to expose Shifuji.

Abhishek Shukla kept following this issue and even filed a police complaint with Ahmedabad Crime Branch so that Shifuji’s claims are investigated. On his own accord, he sent out several RTI requests to various departments for clarifications on Shifuji. After a lot of back and forth, finally, he has been able to get Ministry of Defence (Navy) to respond in form of a RTI response that no person called Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj ever worked as a Marine Commando in the Indian Navy. Also, no person with that name has ever been involved in training Marine Commandos. A copy of the RTI response can be seen here, the address has been blurred out for security reasons.

RTI response on Shifuji from Ministry of Defence

This response is very relevant as Shifuji would often wear the MARCOS badge while play-acting in his videos. MARCOS or Marine Commandos is the special forces unit of the Indian Navy. Only those who have worked as a Marine Commando in Indian Navy are entitled to such a badge. In the picture below, you can see a screenshot of a Shifuji video where he’s sporting the MARCOS badge.

Shifuji Bhardwarj with MARCOS Badge

Here’s a larger image of what the MARCOS badge looks like.

MARCOS badge

This is a picture of an Indian Navy commando sporting the same MARCOS badge.


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The RTI response from Ministry of Defence that Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj was never a Marine Commando himself nor was he ever associated in any training process of Indian Navy Marine Commandos coupled along with the fact that he wears the MARCOS badge to make it appear as if he’s an ex Marine Commando should be enough to expose the duplicitous nature of Shijuji’s claims.

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Mohammed Sabir

Shouldnt Indian Navy take action against Shifu for impersonating as Navy Elite commando?

Jai desai

This is the misuse of freedom of speech as well as he is imitating to be some officer but he is not, so the navy does not gives shit on this issue. The navy has more important work to do then to punish this self proclaimed commando or shifuji.


Bhakts will send you guys to pakistan now.


Maybe his Real Name is something else… LOL


His real name is Deepak Dubey.


But still bhakt community will not believe

Sambuddha Biswas

If anyone want to do sometimes good for our country then all motherchod pulled him back.

Vikram Bhatia

But Bhenchod what privilege he has to operate Automatic & semi Automatic rifles??


Did he watch a lot of kung fu panda ? Master Shifu 😛

Bhartiya Cheetah

I knew it. His fraudery can be seen from his first video. One must notice that in his latter videos he always says that he is an “aam nagrik of India”. And he calls himself an “Commando Trainer” and posts photos of himself in a semi-army attire. Now these guys who train bouncers also call themselves with titles like these.
There is already a quora question regarding his authenticity in which a lot of ex-army / navy officers have expressed their doubt about him and some claimed that he is lying to gain youtube views.