Yesterday, at the end of Shashi Tharoor’s press conference in which he answered questions about the newly-formed All India Professionals’ Congress, four Republic TV correspondents chased Shashi Tharoor from the venue of the press conference to his car. The entire time, they repeatedly questioned him as to why he wouldn’t answer Republic TV’s questions about his late wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death. While the full video of the press conference can be seen on Republic TV’s YouTube Channel, a 2 minute video of the chase can be seen below:

While such hounding is not unprecedented, what went largely unnoticed were the personal attacks by members of the Republic TV crew. In the following video, you can hear someone in the crew stating “You’re a coward” twice.

In the next video, you can hear Republic TV correspondent Khalid Shah ask “Why are you running away Mr Tharoor? Why are you running away like a coward?” at the start. Towards the end, two distinct voices repeat the question again, “Why are you running away like a coward?”

Shashi Tharoor retweeted another leaked video by a Twitter account called ‘The Last Caveman‘ and alleged that he was not just called a coward, but a killer too.

As reported by The News Minute, Shashi Tharoor on Thursday filed an application before the Delhi High Court seeking to restrain Republic TV from making defamatory publications against him with regard to the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar.

The Delhi High Court stated that Republic TV has to respect Shashi Tharoor’s right to remain silent on this issue.

The day before, Republic TV journalists were denied entry to a All India Congress Committee press conference.

While the act of disallowing journalists of a specific channel by a political party in a public press conference is condemnable, one also wonders if it is journalism when four correspondents and multiple cameramen from the same TV channel chase a politician, shove their microphones into his face and repeatedly ask the question, “Why are you running away like a coward”?

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8 Comments on "“Why are you running away like a coward?”, Republic TV reporters ask Shashi Tharoor"

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Ramanuj Mukherjee

It is not condemnable to refuse republic TV access as they are not legitimate journalists. They are doing travesty in name of journalism. It is like setting a bunch of semi trained monkeys with press cards hanging from their collar on poor people to hound them. Why should anyone allow or put up such nuisance. People have a right to protect their sanity and reputation from these contract reputation killers.


If Republic TV is a news channel, then Pepe, the monkey, is a tenured professor.

Maurice Devaraj

Awesome point Prem!


it is extremely sad. the news reporter should not hound anybody like this. It is unfortunate that media is abusing their liberty.

Vinit Beley

Whatever it is that Republic TV is doing, it is not Journalism. It is propaganda. It is fair to let them stay out of a public setting and allowing the news outlets to be present instead, because you know Republic TV “reporters” will act like hooligans and try to muddy the waters and do all kinds of things one neither expects from journalists nor civilized educated people.


Adnan is goon and crab who crawls into your mind and corrupting your life


Sad to see the journalism in India dying like our democracy… amazed to see the blindness of our country men.. still waiting for Acche Din…

Raj Baral

After Times Now, Arnab was disappeared for sometime because he was doing a technical diploma course on how to run media without efforts from IT department of BJP. He was very appreciated student and now he is proving very well.