Screenshots of a broadcast by the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak have been circulated along with the claim that the RBI is going to discontinue the Rs 2000 currency note.

Screenshots like the one above have been shared, mostly on messaging platforms. The information contained in these stills suggests that the same has been reported by Aaj Tak, according to which

1. The Rs 2000 currency note has been withdrawn by the RBI

2. The existing Rs 2000 notes can be exchanged up to December 31

3. A maximum of Rs 50,000 may be exchanged at a time

These images were sent to the official android Alt News app for verification.


This information was earlier fact-checked by Alt News and found to be untrue. There has been no such announcement by the RBI. Any communication put forward by the RBI is published on the official website of the Central Bank, where no such notification is present. Moreover, the same was confirmed to Alt News by the Department of Communication, RBI.


Alt News found that the screenshots which have been circulated, indeed pertain to a broadcast by the channel. However, these screenshots present a misleading picture. This is because they have been taken from a report by Aaj Tak which actually debunked this rumour. This becomes evident when one notices the words ‘वायरल खबर का दावा’ (viral message’s claim), in some of the screenshots. This video report was tweeted by the channel, and has been posted below.

Screenshots of a broadcast by Aaj Tak which debunks the rumour that the RBI has withdrawn the Rs 2000 note have been shared on messaging platforms to quite the opposite effect. It may be noted that no such move of the scrapping of the Rs 2000 note is being considered by the RBI.

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