A video of a man wearing a scull cap getting into a verbal tiff with three men regarding the national flag is making the rounds on social media. The incident is being recorded by another person and in the footage, it is seen that the man in the scull cap is opposing the group from putting the flag on their scooters. The three men also accuse the Muslim man of being a terrorist to which that man is seen accepting the accusation while standing his ground of not allowing the men to put the flags.

The video has been shared widely on Twitter.

Twitter user @drpappuchikna05 has also shared the video on the platform.


At the 2:07 minute time stamp in the video, we can see a disclaimer appear for two seconds stating that it is a scripted video and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Due to the poor quality of the video, the disclaimer is difficult to read.

However, we also found the full video uploaded by an entertainment channel on Facebook. The actual video is 4:20 minutes long. Here, we find a clearer picture of the disclaimer.

The disclaimer reads: “This video is a complete fiction all the events in the video are scripted and made for awareness purposes only this does not promote any kind of activity or defame any kind of rituals. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

Upon observing the video in its entirety we found that at 2:58 minutes mark the man in the skull cap finally explains why he opposes the national flag from being set up on bikes. He says that when flags are put up on vehicles sometimes they get uprooted and are found lying on roadsides and people end up walking over them, this visual hurt his sentiments. By the end of the clip, the three men agree with him and decide not to set up the flag on their bikes. We request our readers watch the full clip available on Facebook.

गाड़ी में झंड़ा लगाने से इस भाई को तकलीफ हैं

गाड़ी में झंड़ा लगाने से इस भाई को तकलीफ हैं

Posted by AAA SMART on Monday, 15 August 2022

To conclude, a scripted video where a Muslim man in a skull cap opposes the national flag from being put up on vehicles is viral on social media. The video is clipped. In reality, the man opposes this action because the flags end up lying on roadsides and people walk over them, which hurts his sentiment. This is not the first time that Alt News has debunked scripted videos that have gone viral with communally charged narratives. Similar stories on scripted videos can be read here.

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