Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. The press conference of late Justice BH Loya’s son, Anuj Loya presented a ripe ground for many such theories. The conference was arranged at the offices of the top Mumbai law firm, Naik and Naik. Along with Anuj Loya, also present at the conference were his cousin, Pratik Bhandari, Advocate Ameet B. Naik from Naik & Naik and retired District Judge KB Katake who was a family friend and colleague of Justice Loya. At the conference, Anuj Loya said that his father’s death was not suspicious and the family does not want a probe. Soon after the conference was aired on TV, allegations began to emerge that the press conference was organized by BJP National President, Amit Shah. At the time of his death, Justice Loya was the presiding over a trial into Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case in which Amit Shah was an accused.

Jas Oberoi, a columnist at Newslaundry was first to raise suspicions about Amit Shah’s role in organizing the press conference. He shared a video clip of ABP news as evidence.

The same allegation was also made by several others including Gaurav Pandhi and Prashant Bhushan.

Interestingly as first noticed by OpIndia, Sanjiv Bhatt plagiarised Prashant Bhushan’s tweet and parroted the same allegations.

Although on hearing the video, it may seem at first that Amit Shah’s name is being mentioned, it is not so. This was first pointed out on twitter by @swamv39 and later also reconfirmed by many journalists. It is worth considering that if Amit Shah’s name was indeed mentioned at the press conference, it would not go unnoticed by the media persons present at the event.

Abhisar Sharma of ABP news clarified that the name mentioned in their clip by Judge Katake was not Amit Shah, but Ameet Sir i.e Advocate Ameet Naik, who helped to organize the conference.

Ashutosh Mishra, journalist at AajTak/India Today also pointed out that unclear audio may be reason for confusion.

The same was also clarified by Rifat Jawaid of Janta ka Reporter

Ameet Naik, in a violet tie, can be seen speaking in this video broadcasted by ABP News.

Even after clarifications by so many journalists, none of the above tweets making the allegations have been deleted so far. Nor is there any acknowledgement of the error. In fact new conspiracy theories have started to emerge.

Conspiracy theories are often resorted to by all sides when the narrative is unpalatable. This was a classic instance of misinterpretation, deliberate or otherwise. The controversy gained much traction on social media and may still be circulating despite the distortion being called out and clarified by reporters. While the timing of the press conference could possibly raise eyebrows as it is just two days after four Supreme Court justices raised doubts about Judge Loya’s death in an underhanded manner, such rumour mongering answer no questions. The death of Justice Loya is a sensitive and serious issue, and ought not to be trivialized.

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