“Lo Behold! #Church allegedly behind the divisive scheme of separating #Lingayats from #Hindus. A leaked of email supposedly sent by SecGen CBCI to Archbishop Bangalore….this says much”. The tweet by a twitter user Swami Nishchalanand (@swamijitweets) was also retweeted by BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy.

The email attached to the tweet was titled ‘Our Prayers have been answered’. The email addressed to Archbishop Bangalore from His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Secretary General of Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI), celebrated the granting of separate religious status to Lingayats and urged him to work hard for the “rich harvest of souls in Karnataka.”

The letter circulated by him had some fairly outlandish points that perhaps only the most gullible would believe as true. On its own, it may not have gained much traction, but it got circulated widely as it was retweeted by Subramanian Swamy who has close to 7.3 million followers in Twitter. Since the user @swamijitweets has deleted his tweet, the retweeted tweet cannot be seen on Subramanian Swamy’s Twitter timeline anymore. However, Swamy’s tweets get pushed to his official Facebook page which still carries evidence of him having retweeted the tweet.

Retweeted Swami Nishchalanand (@Swamijitweets):

Lo Behold! #Church allegedly behind the divisive scheme of separating…

Posted by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A website called rightactions.in also published the above claim and was shared over 5000 times on Facebook including Francois Gautier of the fake Nostradamus claims fame.

Leaked email proves that the Lingayat separation was all master minded by christian groups

Posted by Francois Gautier on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General, Catholic Bishops Conference of India dismissed the claims as fake and diabolic.

Though initially @swamijitweets claimed that his sources were reliable, the original tweet was deleted by him after bishop Mascarenhas issued an official clarification and warned possible legal action against those involved in making and promoting the letter.

In his letter, bishop Mascarenhas stated that “a very malicious fake letter is being circulated in social media and in Karnataka on the eve of the elections”. He added that “the false letters makes wild allegations about the Church involvement in the Lingayat issue”. The response of the bishop is reproduced below.

There were several elements about the fake letter that gave a clue that it was nothing more than pure malice. It is perhaps only in the wonder world of fake news peddlers that bishops email each other rejoicing and setting targets to harvest souls. Here are some inconsistencies in the letter, some of which were pointed out by Bishop Mascarenhas:

  1. Cardinal Oswald Gracias is the President of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India and not the Secretary General.
  2. The email wrongly addresses him as Oswald Cardinal Gracias instead of Cardinal Oswald Gracias.
  3. The biggest giveaway as always was the language used and the grammatical errors in the letter.

Bishop Mascarenhas asserted that “Catholic Bishops Conference of India or Cardinal Gracias will never ever indulge in divisive tactics as indicated in that letter.” He ended his letter saying “May God bless Karnataka and may God bless our beloved country, India. Jai Hind”. We have seen in the last few weeks how the Karnataka has been the target of the fake news brigade. Discerning social media users are now well familiar with their divisive strategies.

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Narada after Shikandi campaign

He is trying to bridge Jew vs Christian battle into Brahmin vs Lingayat tussle. The battle looks similar though there are tons of differences, but the problem is he is using fake news to avoid backlash upon himself like Narada.


Lie. Delete. Get exposed. Lie again. Delete again. Get exposed again. The chain continues.

Dear Hindus you are being fooled. And divided.

Rakesh Agrawal
Rakesh Agrawal

He is a shameless and soul-less moron who has sold his honesty to join this shit-pot called BJP, hence spreading lies and hatred!

True Indian
True Indian

why don’t we drag this bastard Swamy to court for spreading hatredness. This moron always challenges, if you dare come to the court. now we all Hindus should put a case against this r s s sleuth

Tulsi NP
Tulsi NP

Very Sad that rogues like Subramanian Swamy are crying wolf every now and then, ; he spreads lies with impunity; he fakes stories, and yet he walks scott free. In his name, there is a ‘mania’. He surely is an educated maniac ,and has a mania for usurping power. He does not want to pay tax, and thus keeps an ambition to change the tax policy. He can do that only by coming to power. He hates any one in power and like a prostitute or a spy can even sleep with the enemy, to dissolve a government. Today he… Read more »

The Flash
The Flash

What amazes me is the fact that,the rate at which fake news makes round around country, sadly the truth behind that never does the same.This fake news would have reached to millions of people through FB,Whatsapp, Twitter or other social media platform, but no none of the fake news recipient would even care about giving it a second thought and digging further to know the reality.As much as its pains to say,but in near future this fake news would stir a major riot in nation or even civil war.