Times Now editor-in-chief Rahul Shivshankar started off a primetime debate on Kerala floods stating, “Viewers, we begin with a story of devastation, the pictures that you are going to see on your screens in just about 30 seconds are pictures of deluged districts of Kerala.


Roads, airport closed. Red alert across the state. Has the time come to declare the Kerala flood crisis as a 'national disaster'?

Rahul Shivshankar #IndiaForKerala

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Posted by TIMES NOW on Friday, 17 August 2018

Starting 0:45, the Times Now video above has visuals of a two-storey house being washed away by floods. According to the text on the screen, the video is claimed to be from Kushal Nagar, Kerala. At 2:28, the same visuals are shown for a second time. The relevant portion of the Times Now video can be seen below.

Not from Kerala

Bankura district was hit by the floods in West Bengal this year. An article published by The Hindu on August 7, 2018, stated, “Two people died and at least 2,500 were affected as several areas of Bankura district were flooded due to heavy rain on Monday. Many houses were also damaged.” The visuals of a two storey house in Bankura washed away by the floods were widely broadcasted by several media organizations. This is the same video that was broadcasted as Kushal Nagar, Kerala by Times Now.

In fact, even Times Now had reported this video to be from Bankura in an article on their website.

The devastating floods in Kerala has killed over 300 people. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has called for help to rebuild the lives of people in the state. While Kerala reels under nature’s fury, it is incumbent upon media organisations to cover the devastation and deluge in a sensitive and accurate manner, and the use of misleading images and/or videos does little justice to the cause of accurate depiction of events.

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