A video has been shared with the claim that it shows the Taliban threatening PM Modi. Twitter user @itsmebonggirl shared the video and wrote that the terrorist organisation was threatening PM Modi with war, saying that Kashmir is a part of Afghanistan and belongs to the Pashtuns. (Archive link)

This video has been circulating widely on WhatsApp. Alt News received several requests to investigate the clip.

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Richa Rajput, who describes herself as the social media head of BJP UP, shared the clip and wrote, “Look, now the Taliban has threatened us too.” (Archive link)

This video has also been shared tremendously on Facebook. Among these posts was one by user Pawan Saxena with the caption, “This threat is not aimed at India nor at Modi. This threat is targeting you, and your next generation. #JagoHindujago (Wake up Hindus).” Some Pakistani users have also shared this video with the same claim.

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After performing a reverse image search of a frame from the video using Yandex, we found that this video has been on the internet since 2019. Several users uploaded the visuals on YouTube in August 2019. One such version is titled, ‘Afghan Mujahideen are with Pakistan against India.’

In this video, one man can be heard saying, “I have been hearing for many days that India is threatening Pakistan with war. I want to tell the Hindu government of India that we stand with the Pakistani Army and its people. You cannot harm us.”

Many users also shared this video on Facebook in 2019. It was uploaded by a page named City Mobile Communication on February 27, 2019. Apart from this, a fan page of Pakistan Army General Javed Bajwa also shared the clip on February 21, 2019.

Alt News was unable to find any media reports corroborating the video and the identity of the men in the video. Our investigation is still underway and this report will be updated if more information becomes available.

But the video is not recent. These visuals are more than two years old and are being falsely shared as the Taliban threatening India following the terrorist organisation’s occupation of Afghanistan.

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