A video is viral on social media with the claim that a “Muslim infiltrator” lost his life in police retaliation in France when a group of such men attacked the cops. It furthers states that the law in France allows the police to retaliate when attacked, but the same is not permitted in India.

“सावधान भारत फ्रांस पुलिस क टीम पर जब मुस्लिम घुसपैठियों ने हमला किया तो पलटकर उन्होंने उन्होंने एक की जान ले ली। उन्हें छूट है कि अगर उन पर हमला होता है तो वे जान से मार सकते हैं, यहां नहीं। दिल्ली में चालान पर दो पुलिस को मुस्लिम भीड़ ने जम कर धुनाई कर दी। भागकर जान बचा पाए। (Attention India. When a French police team was attacked by Muslim infiltrators, they retaliated and killed one. They are allowed to kill if they are attacked but not here. In Delhi, two cops were beaten up by a Muslim mob over the issue of a challan. They ran and saved their life – translated)”, reads the message posted by a Twitter user @PNRai1.

Twitter handle Bharat Punarutthana (@punarutthana) also posted the video with the message, “In France, compare with our nation. Hunt or Hunted!”.

Alt News has received several requests on its official app to verify the video. “Police fighting with New Muslim Immigrants whom were allowed in. They have already started rioting on the streets of France. They want Shariah Islamic Law and no go to Muslim areas. This may be future situation in 🇬🇧 UK and other European Countries for giving asylum to Muslim migrants. At least French Police have liberty to shoot them,” reads one of the claims.

Video from Brazil

Alt News broke the video into multiple frames with the help of digital verification tool InVID. A Google reverse image search of one of the frames led us to several related links.

A tweet by leader of Brazil’s Social Liberal Party Coronel Tadeu where the same video was shared reads, “It happened in downtown São Paulo! Bandits steal GCM’s gun and shoot to kill! Thanks to the quick action of others the worst did not happen.”, tweeted Tadeu on November 9, 2019.

According to the report by Brazilian newspaper G1, the video shows a GCM (Municipal Civil Guard) attacked by several drug users after falling off the bike in Brazil’s Sao Paulo city. Soon after, one of the men, assaults the guard, steals his gun and fires multiple shots. One of the shots hit a guard and the other personnel retaliate by firing a bullet in the abdomen of the man who stole the gun. Later, both the guard and the attacker were hospitalized.

The local police in Brazil had also posted the video on Facebook.

Thus, a video from Brazil is being shared with the false claim that it depicts police action against “Muslim infiltrators” in France.

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