A video of a truck ramming into a queue of vehicles on a road has been shared across social media platforms with the claim that the accident happened in Mysore road, Kengeri.

Below is a post by a Facebook user who shared the clip with the same claim.


This Is In Mysore Road..
Near Kengeri
Just Now Recorded

Posted by Chahal Satpal Singh on Sunday, 28 June 2020

Alt News has received several requests to fact-check the video.

Video from Russia

A reverse-image search of one of the keyframes of the video took us to the same clip uploaded by Ruptly on June 17, 2020. “*DISTRESSING CONTENT* Russia: Fatal truck crash caught on CCTV in Chelyabinsk,” reads the title.

According to Khaleej Times, “On June 16, surveillance cameras on the M-5 Ural road in Chelyabinsk Province captured the moment the out of control truck was seen hurtling towards the halted traffic. The truck drives into the vehicles, crushing five cars. According to the provincial administration of internal affairs, the truck suffered brake failure and the driver could not control the vehicle following which the accident took place, reported RT news.”

A video of a fatal truck accident in Russia was shared with the false claim that it took place in Mysore road, Kengeri.

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