A video clip of a fighter jet landing on a dam is being widely circulated on social media with the claim that it is a “MiG aircraft”. The video is 1:50 minutes long and users sharing it are in awe of the aircraft.

User @shaktichauhan tweeted the video tagging Harsh Goenka, the Chairman of RPG Enterprises. Harsh Goenka also reacted to the tagged tweet with the caption, “Incredible….”

The video was also shared on Twitter accompanied by a caption written in Hindi that asks users to not miss out on this beautiful landing by MiG aircraft.

The video is viral on both Twitter and Facebook. Alt News has also received multiple requests to verify the claim on its WhatsApp helpline number (+91 76000 11160).

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Digital simulation

There are a few aspects one can observe in the video:

  1. There is no movement of the trees and grass in the video despite the jet coming in close proximity. There should be some movement due to impact.
  2. As soon as the jet lands, the drogue parachute appears on the screen out of nowhere. It just pops open. When the jet lands, one can also notice the slope (pointed in green arrow) that looks completely digital.
  3. Once the landing is complete, one can see the drogue parachute falling on the ground very quickly. It doesn’t obey the laws of physics.
  4. At the end of the video, when the jet takes off again, the drogue parachute suddenly disappears.

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We also performed a keyword search and found a video uploaded on YouTube titled, “MiG 29 landing on the dam DCS”. The video has been up on the platform since October 2020.

DCS is the abbreviation for “Digital Combat Simulator”. Digital Combat Simulator World is a Free-to-Play digital battlefield game that offers simulations of military aircraft, tanks and ships.

We performed another keyword search and found that the dam has been designed to resemble the “Inguri Dam” in Georgia. You can also find other simulation videos uploaded on YouTube where different aircraft land against similar digitised backgrounds.

Hence, a video from the game Digital Combat Simulator World was shared as a genuine video.

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