A video of policemen chanting ‘Go Back Modi’ has been shared amid the Assam-Mizoram conflict where six Assamese policemen were killed in cross-border firing. A viral message in Bengali claims that the video was shot in Silchar.

[Complete message: শিলচর থেকে কর্ম ছেড়ে হাজার হাজার জওয়ান বাড়ির উদ্দেশ্যে রওনা দিলেন। আর মুখে গো ব্যাক মোদি গো ব্যাক মোদি স্লোগান দিচ্ছেন। মোদি হটাও দেশ বাঁচাও.]

The video is quite widespread on Facebook.

The same video was shared in April. It drew over 1 million views from the profile of one Akis Mondal.


#জাগ্রত #ইন্ডিয়া ✊✊

গতকাল #শিলচর থেকে কর্ম ছেড়ে
নিজেদের ঘরের উদ্দেশে রওয়ানা দিলেন #হাজার #হাজার #পুলিশ জোয়ান!!
মুখে মুখে #নরেন্দ্র #মোদী গো ব্যাক
আর বিজেপি হায় হায় স্লোগান।


Posted by Akis Mondal on Wednesday, 31 March 2021


We noticed that several people had commented on Akis Mondol’s post that the video was taken during the Assam assembly elections earlier this year and the policemen are Home Guards.

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A keyword search on YouTube took us to a broadcast by Northeast Live that shows the same visuals on the left. “Tense situation prevails in Silchar after as many as 2,000 homeguards who had come from different parts of Assam to Cachar for poll duty went back to their homes, alleging deprivation of proper lodging facilities as well as non-payment of dues. In fact, the homeguards are heading back to their respective homes without even informing the concerned authorities,” reported the channel on March 31, 2021.

The news was also reported by other media outlets. According to Hindustan Times, “Around 1,500 home guards came to the district after being deployed in upper Assam for the first phase. They say the local administration did not arrange proper food, shelter and water for them. Also, they claimed, that they were supposed to get ₹5,100 for three days of duty, but Cachar administration gave them only ₹900.”

Thus, a four-month-old video was shared as recent amid the death of six Assamese policemen during cross-border firing with Mizoram police.

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