A video of mob violence has been shared on social media with the claim that Nagpur residents thrashed NCP’s local leader from Nagpur Arbaaz Khan for abusing Hindus on Facebook and asking them to leave the country.


एनसीपी नेता अरबाज़ खान ने फ़ेसबुक पर हिन्दुओ को गाली देकर देश छोड़कर भाग जाने का बोल रहा है,उसको नागपुर की जनता ने उसकी औकात दिखा दी।।
🚩जय श्री राम 🚩

Posted by Shyam Sharma on Wednesday, 23 December 2020

The clip has been shared after a video of Khan using expletives against the Hindu community was widespread on Twitter. Khan later apologised and said that the video is old.

Several Facebook pages have shared the video of mob violence including Hindu Rashtra.

It is also massively viral on Twitter.

Another video of the same incident is also circulating online.


A Twitter user wrote that the video depicts a case of land grabbing. He claimed that cars filled with people arrived in Sancholi village near Sohna in Haryana’s Gurgaon district and tried to take over a piece of land by force. The user further said that goons shot the sarpanch.

According to Etv Bharat, Rangpuri resident Sakshi Bahl had bought a farmhouse of 16 acres near Sancholi village about 10 years ago. The plot of land was being used by Nunera resident Imtiaz, former sarpanch of the village, for farming. On December 20, when he was supposed to hand over the land to Bahl, violence broke out between his supporters and Bahl’s family members. Goons thrashed them with sticks, stones and also fired gunshots. One of the bullets also injured Imtiaz. The police have registered a case against 125 people.

The incident was also reported by Amar Ujala which said that villagers angered by the violence thrashed the perpetrators’ cars and also blocked the highway.

A video of violence that broke out in Haryana’s Gurgaon district is therefore circulating on social media with the false claim that it shows NCP leader Arbaaz Khan thrashed in Nagpur for offending the Hindu community.

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