A video of an obese man kicking a tennis ball has been widely shared on social media with messages claiming that the man is Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona.

The video has also been shared by Indian users.

Alt News has received fact-check requests for the video on its official mobile application.

NOT Maradona, but an actor playing the role of the footballer

A keyword search on YouTube took us to an extended version of the same video uploaded in 2015. While the title of the video claimed that the man is Maradona, the description said, “Film Clip from, Youth.”

The same was claimed on a Twitter conversation.

‘Youth’ is an Italian comedy-drama film directed by Paolo Sorrentino and released in 2015. The movie portrays an overweight Diego Maradona which is played by Argentinian actor Roly Serrano.

We also found shots from the movie shared by Serrano on his Instagram account.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Roly Serrano (@rolyserrano) on Oct 24, 2019 at 8:12am PDT

Several reports on the movie say that Serrano is a Maradona lookalike. Below is an excerpt from an article on France24.

Below is a collage comparing the facial features of actor Roly Serrano and footballer Diego Maradona.

Therefore, a movie clip featuring actor Roly Serrano playing the role of Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona has been shared as a video of the footballer shot during the lockdown.

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