A video showing two men in khaki uniform involved in a scuffle, has gone viral on social media in the context of the recent Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 which stipulates heavy penalties for traffic violations. The video clip has been posted with the message, “चालान काटने में हुई भारी कमाई से बटवारा सही से ना होने पर हो रहा झगड़ा” (Fight over sharing the spoils of heavy fines collected- translation).

The video and message have been shared widely by social media users on Twitter and Facebook.


Using the key words पुलिस झगड़ा (police fight) on Google, Alt News found an article on NDTV India dated August 26, 2019.

The article was titled, ‘Quarrel between PRD jawan and homeguard at Baraut police station; several blows landed’ (translation). The article stated the incident had occurred at the Baraut police station in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. The fight was between a Prantiya Rakshak Dal (PRD) jawan and a home guard over money, and was related to collection of fine over halting of a vehicle for RTO inspection. We found a tweet by ANI regarding the same incident, posted on August 25. The same was reported by Zee News.

ANI has quoted circle officer Baraut, RK Kushwaha saying, “RTO has seized a car which was released yesterday. The car was under home guard’s observation and a PRD jawan stopped the car at the mandi gate, because of which a fight broke out between them.” Baghpat police too tweeted about the incident, stating, “The two men scuffling in the video are not police officials. One is a home guard and another is a PRD jawan. Both departments have been intimated regarding the matter, and action against them has been initiated.” (translation).

It may be noted that the men seen scuffling are not policemen, and the video is not related to the imposition of heavy traffic penalties, as implied. It is from Baghpat, UP and depicts a quarrel between a home guard and a PRD jawan.

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