A 2-minute video of a woman scolding and assaulting two minors is being shared on social media. In the video, the woman instructs the children to strip naked. The kids can be seen profusely wailing and pleading for her to stop. As per social media claims, the woman is the children’s stepmother. A message that claims the incident took place near Jaipur, has been marked ‘forwarded many times’ on WhatsApp.

The video is widely shared on WhatsApp and longer versions can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Due to the disturbing nature of the video, we have not linked any instances of the video in this report. Facebook user कृष्ण देवाना गुढा’s post gained over 1,000 shares.

The video has been shared on WhatsApp with Hindi texts. One of the texts says that the video was being circulated with a message in Punjabi. It requests people to share the Hindi version of the message so that it reaches more people. While the other claimed that the incident happened in Jaipur. We received multiple requests to verify this claim on our WhatsApp helpline number (76000 11160) and Alt News mobile application (Android, iOS)

[Viral Text 1: सबी भाईंयोसे और बहनोसे नमस्कार कुरुपया अपने अपने ग्रुप मे जल्दी से जल्दी शेअर करो, ईस बच्चोकी मम्मी मर गयी है, ईनकी सौतेली मां बच्योकों बहोत परेशानी और तंग कर रही है अपने अपने ग्रुप में शेअर करीये ताकी ईस औरत को सजा मीले मेरे पास पंजाबी मे आया है यीसे हींदी में करके बोल रहा हूं, ताकी ईस औरत को जल्दी से जल्दी सजा मीले]

Viral Text 2: ऐसी होती हैं सौतेली माँ जयपुर के आसपास के क्षेत्र का वीडियो बताया जा रहा है ग्रुप के सभी सदस्य इस घटना पर ध्यान दे ओर इन छोटे छोटे मासूम बच्चो को न्याय दिलाने में सहयोग करे]


Alt News performed a keyword search and found reports by The Tribune, News18, Bharat Times, and Amar Ujala regarding an incident from Faridabad’s Saran. The description of the incident matches the viral video.

As per the reports, the video was shared on July 29 in multiple WhatsApp groups. The incident took place in Saran’s Jawahar Colony. The video shows Preeti, a 32-year old woman, who is the biological mother of the kids (aged six and eight years) shown in the video. She assaulted the kids after she found milk spilt on the floor in her absence.

The Tribune reported that a case was registered under the Juvenile Justice Act against Preeti on August 1. She was arrested the next day. The police told The Tribune that the accused had not only made a video of beating up her kids but the children were also made to stand semi-naked on the street around 10 days ago.

Saran police SHO confirmed the same to Alt News over a telephonic call.

To conclude, the incident shown in the video took place in the third week of July. Unlike the social media claims, neither the woman in the video is the children’s stepmother nor is the incident from Rajasthan. The incident took place in Faridabad’s Saran and the woman is the mother of the children.

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