Video of rainwater gushing inside Jaipur bus shared as Delhi

A 30-second video of water gushing inside a bus with passengers on board is viral with the claim that the incident happened in Delhi. Congress national media panellist Abhishek Dutt tweeted this video claiming, “What will Kejriwal advertise tomorrow morning through full-page newspaper ads?” How to make pakoras with tea during heavy rainfall? (Whatsapp)”

Congress leader Alka Lamba retweeted Dutt’s tweet.

Delhi Youth Congress tweeted the same video and wrote, “Arvind Kejriwal ji, your development starts sinking as soon as the rain comes. This video shows the work done by the Delhi government in these 6 years, no work has been done except cheating and looting.” This tweet has now been deleted. Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, vice president of the Mumbai Mahila Congress, also tweeted the video as Delhi and later took down her tweet.

Republic Bharat anchor Ashutosh Chaturvedi tweeted the video claiming it shows a DTC bus in Delhi. A user @Being_Habibi also shared it targeting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The video has over 60,000 views as of this writing.

Video from Jaipur

A reverse image of a frame of the video led to media reports which claim that the incident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan. A report in Patrika from August 11, 2020, carried a screenshot of the video. The article said that the incident happened in Jaipur.

NDTV journalist also tweeted the video as Jaipur.

At 58 seconds in the video, we can spot ‘Jaipur Bus’ written on the side of the vehicle.

At 54 seconds, a board of ‘नसियां भट्टारकजी’ (Nasiyan Bhattarak Ji) is also visible which is a Jain temple in Jaipur.

Therefore a video from Delhi was shared as Jaipur. Republic Bharat’s Ashutosh Chaturvedi later tweeted the same.

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