Two videos that show a mob allegedly pelting stones at men in police uniforms are being circulated widely with the claim that the incident is from Rajasthan. It is noteworthy that a mob attacked police officers by throwing stones at them in Jaipur a few days ago. The videos are being linked to the same incident.

First video

Facebook user ‘Kanhai Kanhai’ shared the clip where some members of the mob can be heard chanting ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’.


राजस्थान कश्मीर कब बना मालूम ही नही चला।
कल जयपुर में हुआ है, आप इसके चपेट में कब आने वाले है,खुद ही तय कर लो ।

Posted by Kanhai Kanhai on Friday, October 1, 2021

Another Facebook user also posted the visuals and accompanying claim.


राजस्थान कश्मीर कब बना मालूम ही नही चला।
कल जयपुर में हुआ है, आप इसके चपेट में कब आने वाले है,खुद ही तय कर लो ।

Posted by Rajkumar Singhal on Monday, October 4, 2021

Second video

The second video is widespread with the same message.

Another Twitter user also shared the video and accompanying claim.

The clips are gathering a lot of traction on Twitter and Facebook.

We also received several requests to verify them on the Alt News official mobile app and WhatsApp helpline number.

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Both videos have been available on the internet since 2017. They were shared on Facebook with the same claim on September 10, 2017.

First video

In the background of the video, we can see the hoardings of a few stores, including ‘Western Hosiery’, ‘Sathoo Furnishing’ and ‘Vasco Pasco’. We found that these shops are located around Anantnag’s Lal Chowk. Images containing the same hoardings of nearby stores can be found on the ‘Western Hosiery’ Facebook page.

Second video

When we performed a reverse image search using the video frames, we again found that these were from Lal Chowk in Anantnag. The hoardings for ‘Western Hosiery’ and ‘Sathoo Furnishing’ appear briefly in the viral visuals. Furthermore, the hoarding of another neighbouring store named ‘New Western Collection’ is also visible.

Thus, Alt News can confirm that both these videos are at least four years old and were taken in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir. They have nothing to do with the recent stone-pelting incident in Jaipur.

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