After a French security researcher claimed in a series of tweets that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s application “” is sending personal information of its users to a third party website, Alt News fact-checked his claim and found it to be true.

The Alt News fact-check can be read here and the video below is a live demonstration of the fact-check.

NOTE: Kindly watch the video in Full HD/1080p for better viewing.

It has now been discovered that to cover-up this issue, the privacy policy on PM Narendra Modi’s website has quietly been changed to accommodate for this lapse. A screenshot of the present policy can be seen below.

To compare the changes that have been made, Alt News accessed the cached version of the privacy policy as it appeared on PM Modi’s website on March 23rd, a day before the exposé. A backup of the cached version can be accessed here and here.

Till a day before the exposé, the privacy policy on the website read as, “Your personal information and contact details shall remain confidential and shall not be used for any purpose other than our communication with you. The information shall not be provided to third parties in any manner whatsoever without your consent.

A screenshot of the same can be seen below.

The changes to the privacy policy have been made surreptitiously since neither the verified Twitter account of the Prime Minister nor the verified account narendramodi_in which claims to be the “Twitter account of – Shri Narendra Modi’s personal website & the Narendra Modi Mobile App.” acknowledged the issue. The NaMo APP also hasn’t followed the standard practice to inform the users when changes to the privacy policy are made, a practice that most major apps and websites follow.

While the PM’s website claimed that personal information would not be provided to third parties in any manner whatsoever without the consent of the user, it was doing exactly the opposite. These hurried changes to the privacy policy further go onto prove that there was a clear privacy breach by PM Narendra Modi’s mobile app.

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13 Comments on "After NaMo App exposé, privacy policy on Narendra Modi’s website makes a quiet U-turn"

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Raj Baral

If this deliberated attempt just for political game or any other business gain, then it is very dangerous for the country. Now ours esteemed Supreme Court should take it on notice for government’s policy towards Aadhar Card and ask a question about this matter.

Awanish Sharma

if you install any app, your email and numbers are already known install NDTV app you will also find that, why not any news on NDTV app and compare you Idiots only can troll

aakash kapoor

dear mr. andh bhakt narendra modi app is taking our photograph,name,gender etc for their personal gain so shut your mouth and go and lick ur boss amit shah’s feets


Nowhere does this article (which is a bunch of horseshit anyway) say that,

Yes, that is true and in this case the NDTV app is the second party and this information is acquired by them by the user’s deliberate consent. One the other hand, the Narendra Modi app is sharing the information that is handed over by the user(or their device) to a ‘third party’, which the user doesn’t know and didn’t agreed to share their information with. Keep in mind, this isn’t just basic information, all this information is enough to classify a user and is something that needs to be taken seriously. In short, there’s something called ‘privacy policy’ or ‘data… Read more »
PakChipak RajaBabu

BsdK there is something called as “user consent”. Google to learn about it in further detail.


Kaha kaha see aise C**T**E paida hua hai apne desh may. Saley anpad gavaar!
Ye log gandi naali may paida honge, wahi kiddoo ki tarah panpenge aur wahi Mar jayenge.

Rakesh Agrawal

Now, when the cat is out, trying to catch the mouse (we, the citizens),morons are defending this shameless act. Little wonder, this govt wants to make aadhaar compulsory even to breadth, so that it could affect the voting behavior of non-bhakts and win the 2019 election!

Tyler durden
People in this day and age should realise that a politician’s allegiance is not towards his country but only to the party he is affiliated with, to think otherwise is naivevity or borderline ignorance , this is data pooling and political profiling of the general population which works out in their favour for the elections, they’ll design campaigns and slogans based off your online activity , which makes you seem that they’re genuinely interested in solving your problems, you’ll then cast your precious vote to them, they’ll stay in power,which is the only thing they like about you . It’s… Read more »
PM & Co, are not so technical and we should not take these things very seriously.. afterall facebook privacy also gone for a toss with recent expose of Cambridge ANALYTICA, so one cannot expect PM app to comply with privacy policy … so, what is the big issue? let tech companies misuse data to make profit – after all, they have to survive in business – Don’t we allow the government to run according to the wishes of big corporates and lobbyists – right? Dont try to be smart by creating awareness.. everyone knows it. We Indian are all very… Read more »
Tyler durden
Awareness is what leads to a Revolution , not taking things seriously is what leads to downfall of a civilization , the profit that companies make now is not primarily of monetary resources but psychological control over a population , amazon, Google , Facebook are all guilty of that, if it’s not upto you to think in this regard , do stick to your instincts of self preservation and sit quiet instead of discouraging others from propogating the truth and trying to help even one person in seeing the big picture , which might one day make the world better… Read more »


Nikunj Bhatt

And NaMo will still remain silent how he is used to be whenever questions about his doubtful acts are asked.