BSES has given the strongest jolt ever possible to Shahi Imam, Bukhari.” Even the language of the Republic TV reporter was straight out of a article. Taking a cue from malicious fake news websites and Twitter handles, Republic also reported that BSES has cut off the electricity of Jama Masjid due to non-payment of electricity bill. With a straight face, the reporter went on to quote a five-year-old news of accumulated dues of over four crores due to a dispute between the Waqf board and Imam Bukhari, a matter that has long been resolved according to BSES. After Alt News exposé, Republic TV has deleted their tweet.

Republic TV deleted tweet

Even though BSES had tweeted multiple times that this was a rumor, Republic TV chose to believe the fake news websites and sent its team to Jama Masjid. Before breaking the news about non-payment of dues, it did not occur to the team to verify non-payment with BSES.

While investigating why the mosque was dark, the team snooped outside Bukhari’s residence counting the number of cars and recording their make but didn’t ring the bell to verify if the story was indeed true. It also did not occur to the team to ask those around whether the mosque is usually lit at night and what time the lights are normally switched off at night. Funnily the reporter pointed out to a lit board at the gate but it didn’t occur to him how the board could be lit when the electricity was indeed cut off. On the basis of this so-called investigation, Republic TV broke the news about BSES giving a jolt to Jama Masjid due to non-payment of over four crores.

The tweet and video have now been deleted by Republic TV. So far there is no apology or explanation by the channel for misleading its viewers. The following video is a copy of the video they posted on their timeline.

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7 Comments on "After Alt News exposé, Republic TV deletes fake news about Jama Masjid; No apology, no explanation"

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Raj Baral
Don’t forget that who is behind the Republic TV. This channel is very far from the ethics of journalism and it is illogical to expect an apology and explanation from the channel for such a kind of news. But main question is that why this channel is doing such a kind of things one by one. Isn’t that a deliberate efforts to polarize and disturb the harmony between Hindu and Muslim communities. If it is intentionally then we should be aware of this. Thanks to Alt News and its team for keen observation towards every news and as well as… Read more »

It is unfortunate that most of the media which is supposed to be a watchdog in a democracy is subverting democracy by sowing seeds of discord and hatred. How can such people even look at themselves in the mirror.


Please stop treating Indian TV channels as if they are journalists. Don’t watch them. Period. Don’t feed the trolls (TV journalists)

एस एल प्रजापति
एस एल प्रजापति

अंधेरा असल में भक्तो के भेजे की स्थिति हैं।


Pratik sir and team I m saluting ur brave and work.

Bharata Dravida

I am seriously feared of his life
He must take care
Much anti social elements may be looking to beat him for his brave activity in media

Bharata Dravida

The only good part in Republic TV is programme ” patriot ”
Rest it’s acting as spokesperson of BJP
Republic must not stoop to RE poop lick