Hindutva supporters have come to be known for their persistent social media trolling, abusing and stalking anyone criticising BJP. A large majority of them are often well educated, middle-upper middle-class youth with established careers in IT and finance sectors. In addition to the organised BJP IT cells, that is known to keep a ‘Big Brother’ eye on anyone having a negative opinion on the party or its leaders, unpaid supporters compensate for any stone that is left unturned in the politics of trolling.

Often these supporters have baseless unreasonable arguments with little to no merit that are heavy in the rhetoric of nationalism and righteous culture. Erstwhile, these supporters, who were reigning supremacy using their gender, religious and ethnic identities in India; have now upped the ante in the International trolling business as well.

The American comedian Jeremy McLellan, who is well known for his inclusive content, was recently abused on social media after calling out cow-vigilantes. In recent events, he criticised the right-wing politics in India, the liberty given to people who value the lives of cows over humans. The liberty to abuse, beat, lynch and kill any human, not only for consumption but who even dares to transport cattle. Especially, if the person happens of be a Muslim.

Cow vigilantes murder Muslim man in India. Gonna eat a hamburger today in his honor

Another lyching, this time by fascist anti-romeo-squads, so awful, love who you want.

A sample of the abuses that Jeremy received, he forwarded these screenshots to us.

teri maa ki chut fuck our mom slut pleasee se this fuck your mouther with arab/muslim man

McLellan, who is only too familiar with these kind of right-wing supporters and their ways addressing to disagreement, a manner of which is replicated in Trump’s America. Suggesting overlaps in bhakti in India vs. USA, McLellan in a chat with Alt News stated that bhakts project nationalism when confronted on morality, often with fake profiles, fake names and fake identities.

“Political comedy is about pointing out the absurdities in the system, especially in an authoritarian system like ours, there are bound to be more absurdities”, said McLellan. “I don’t mind the abuse. It’s funny to me. But the real issue of fascists murdering people for eating beef isn’t funny at all. I’m a comedian, so I have really thick skin, but when people aim this abuse at people who aren’t used to it, it can do real damage. I also have nothing against Hindus or Muslims or any religion. But if you attack me or my friends, I’m going to make fun of you.”, he added.

And fun he did make..

cow vigilantes in India are now sending me death threats and saying horrible things about my mother. Not sure what these jerks' beef is but it's udderly disgusting. This is NOT amoosing to me, and the steaks are high. Also, whenever I ban them, they reincarnate themselves as other profiles to send me the same hateful messages. Cowherds.

Before all the Modi bhakts who I already banned create new profiles to troll me, please remember that if you're a Hindu extremist and youdon't want me to make fun of you, you probably shouldn't reincarnate yourself on Facebook.

Relax y'all. I don't hate Hindus. In fact, I used to be a Hindi in the early 1800s.

Jo Jeremy say takrayega woh to pehlee hee mitt ho chka rey. Jeremy say pangga nahin hai changga. Jay Sri Comedy Bhagwan.

Horrific as it is, a political party or a culture that places faith or the value of animal above the value of a living person, is broken and will undoubtedly lead to greater anarchy. Increasingly, the majority of the power is inclined towards groups who want to use Trishul and Talwar for the resolution of disputes. Humorously, McLellan settled the argument out of court. In comic retaliation, he responded to the ‘cowherds’ in Hindi and thanked the bhakts for popularising his social media account in classic Jeremy McLellan manner. This is a terrific way to respond to Bhakt trolling. Praise the comedy Lord!

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