A nine-second video clip of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in front of party leaders and workers is being widely circulated on social media. BJP’s national information technology department head Amit Malviya tweeted the footage mocking Rahul Gandhi with a caption in Hindi that can be translated as “We’ll keep at it as long as we can… When it stops working, we’ll end it… How can that be, prince?” (Archived link)

BJP Delhi secretary Kuljeet Singh Chahal made the same claim while tweeting the video. He claimed that the words suggested the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ was simply a ‘timepass’ and Rahul Gandhi was not taking it seriously. The tweet makes it appear as if Rahul Gandhi made the remark heard in the video in the context of the nationwide rally. (Archived link)

BJP Rajasthan state minister Laxmikant Bhardwaj also made the same claim while amplifying the nine-second video. (Archived link)

Fact Check

Alt News noticed that National Youth Congress national president Srinivas BV replied to Malviya’s tweet with a 16-second video. In this video, a person says, “Will it always be a T-shirt?”. Gandhi responds by saying, “Will keep at it as long as I can. When it stops working, will stop.”

ANI reporter Siddharth Sharma shared a longer video from the same gathering. According to him, a reporter had asked Rahul Gandhi about his T-shirt. Responding to the reporter, he replied with the viral remark. In other words, the BJP leaders shared the response to the reporter’s question without context. Along with this, it was wrongly claimed that Rahul was talking about ending the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

We removed the background noise from the audio in the viral clip with the help of the Veed.io tool and listened to the video more closely. Rahul Gandhi can be clearly heard saying, “Will keep at it as long as we can. When it stops working, I will put it back”. BJP leaders changed the words ‘rakh denge’ (will put it back) to ‘rok denge’ (will end) in their tweet, which makes it seem that Rahul Gandhi is talking about ending the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

To sum it up, BJP leaders tweeted a clipped video of Rahul Gandhi claiming that he was talking about stopping or ending the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. In reality, he was making this remark in the context of wearing a T-shirt during the campaign. However, BJP leaders made a false claim saying he said the phrase ‘rok denge’ (will end) instead of ‘rakh denge’ (will put it back) in the video.

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