A video of a BBC report on police’s alleged complicity during communal riots has been shared with the claim that the report is on the Tripura violence. At least seven people died in violence against the Muslim minority community in Tripura, with several Muslim shops and properties vandalised and set ablaze. The violence was sparked by attacks on Bangladesh’s Hindu minorities.


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Posted by Gulaame Khawaja on Monday, 1 November 2021

The BBC report is quite viral on Facebook with the same claim that it’s from Tripura. Alt News has also received verification requests for the video.

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It is also circulating on Twitter.


The video does not depict police complicity during Tripura violence but the Delhi riots that took place in March 2020. Below is the BBC report and the viral portion begins after 32 seconds.

BBC had reported that it “uncovered evidence” that the Delhi police “acted alongside Hindu rioters during a wave of attack on Muslims”. The channel gave eyewitness accounts claiming the police brought rioters stones and were accompanying rioters who set shops on fire.

To reiterate, the video doesn’t show communal violence in Tripura. Alt News had earlier debunked a video of police accompanying a Hindu procession during Ram Navami violence in Bihar. The 2018 video was also being shared as Tripura.

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