Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a member of the Rajya Sabha and vice-chairman of the NDA in Kerala, with Arnab Goswami at the Repubic TV studios
Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a member of the Rajya Sabha and vice-chairman of the NDA in Kerala, with Arnab Goswami at the Repubic TV studios

In November 2016, while delivering the vote of thanks during Ramnath Goenka awards, Indian Express’s Editor-in-Chief Raj Kamal Jha had regaled the audience with an anecdote. He told the gathering that once when a Chief Minister told the group’s founder Ramnath Goenka, “Aap ka reporter bahut achha kaam kar raha hai (Your reporter is doing good work)”, Ramnath Goenka had sacked the reporter. Raj Kamal Jha stated that criticism from the Government was a badge of honour. What people witnessed on Twitter today as part of the launch of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is the exact opposite of the Ramnath Goenka school of journalism.

From BJP Union Minsiters, to BJP MPs, to BJP MLAs to BJP Spokersperson, to BJP supporters, everybody seemed overjoyed at the launch of Republic TV.

BJP Union Ministers

Delighted to see Arnab back on TV. Compliment and best wishes to @republic for scaling new heights in Indian journalism #May6WithArnab

Arnab very best to you for new venture,u always set bar high & you excel,sure u will better own record @republic #ArnabGoswami #republictv

Congrats and best wishes to Sh Arnab Goswami and his team on the occasion of launch of #Republic TV.


Congrats #Arnab & Team @republic on your News Channel launch. The nation looks forward to good,insightful & factual journalism. Best Wishes!


Congratulations & Best Wishes to Team @republic led by #ArnabGoswami. Nation looks forward to true journalism back on the centre stage.

Welcome Back Arnab Goswami. Wish a Grand success for Republic TV. The Nationalist Media with International vision.@republic

BJP Spokespersons

"Being a Nationalist is a prerequisite to being a Journalist" - @republic. Wish every Journalist, every Indian thought like that.

Welcome back Arnab @republic

The unprecedented amount of love showered on Republic TV’s launch by folks from BJP is not surprising though considering Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar who is NDA’s vice-chairman in Kerala is a prominent investor.

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar biggest investor in Arnab Goswami's republic

It is to be seen whether Arnab Goswami exposes the politician-mafia nexus in BJP ruled statues just like he has in a non-BJP state like Bihar with his Lalu Prasad-Liquor don Shahabuddin story. Bihar has had a liquor ban for just about 2 years, Gujarat has had one for many decades and everybody knows what goes around here.

For a long time now, Arnab Goswami’s journalism has looked like an extension of BJP’s propaganda arm. Recently, after the Sukma attack, he tweeted four times targeting everyone except the Government.

Arnab Goswami's tweets after Sukma attacks

In 2014, when a Naxal attack had happened in the same region, he had questioned the role of UPA’s Home Ministers namely P Chidambaram, Shivraj Patil and Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Since Arnab refused to question the ruling BJP Governments in Chhattisgarh and Delhi for the Sukma attack, he’s probably seen as an ally and which is possibly why everybody in BJP’s rank and cadre can’t stop gushing about his new channel.

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Indian Express editor is Raj Kamal Jha


it is just like NDTV, according to NDTV the india became corrupt and baddest place in world as soon as NDA came in power in 2014


it is just like NDTV, according to NDTV the india became corrupt and baddest place in world as soon as NDA came in power in 2014

Diwakar Prasad
Well Mr Pratik, it seems quite logical what you are pointing out in your assessment of Arnab and Republic TV. But I suppose that you also know that there is something called “BEING PREPOSTEROUS”. Republic TV has not even completed one month and you have made your assessment on the comments and adulations made to Arnab by the members of one political party. What, then, is the difference between your approach towards Arnab and his team with that of the likes of The Lalus, Kejriwals and so on towards him ? Arnab, in his limited capacity, is at least uncovering… Read more »
Though I have pretty much stopped watching any private news channel, I feel ALL such channels have a bias towards or against particular political parties / allies. Also, Republic TV isn’t the only one which has a politician-owner. Virtually all channels do, and their ownership is never highlighted in the media. Also, all news channels ‘cultivate’ politicians for being their ‘sources’ or to curry favors now n then. Politicians too play along and ‘cultivate’ closeness to certain news channels offering them crumbs, like ‘breaking news’ to sustain their mutually beneficial relationship. So, no media-person or channel can claim a ‘holier-than-thou’… Read more »

Ha ha ha Arnab is back…Now the screaming and shouting starts again. I am ashamed…is this what my fellow Indians find good journalism. I watch western journalists interviews where they corner and literally make their guests sweat under well directed and pointed questions but always decently and with dignity. But alas looking at our man’s popularity this crass behaviour is what we like and we call ourselves civilised and take offence if some one says otherwise. Pity…