There are many urban legends regarding PM Modi that make the rounds of social media thanks to his loyal supporters. We’ve heard how “Narendra Modi had been declared the best prime minister in the world by UNESCO” or Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame stating that “Modi is incorruptible”. Of course none of it is true. One of the elaborate hoaxes started by certain supporters of PM MOdi was how a bureaucrat who had retired in Feb 2014 decided to rejoin Modi’s PMO and the story he narrates about Modi’s work ethics. Here’s the story.

modi-work-ethics-hoaxTrue story by Manish Malhotra ,an Indian MBA in U.K
My close family member is a key member in PMO . Let’s call him Mr A for simplicity
So Mr. A had retired in Feb 2014 and he was happily spending his time with the family. He has spent almost all his career with Congress Govt. In his daughters wedding all the array of Congress leaders had come. Kapil Sibal and Ashwini Kumar are his family friends
Now in May 2014 after Modi took over he looked at officers and did a big reshuffle. He still had major gaps to fill. So he recalled 7 officers who had retired recently based on their excellent track record.
Mr A was one of them. He was not too keen as he had post-retirement plans. However to cut the chase he was finally convinced for a year…,
He is not a fan of BJP and Modi
Then began the mad drill. Life turned upside down. Even on Holi and Diwali days he and the entire team is with Modi. On Diwali day he came home 11 in the night. Last week he agreed to extend his contract by another year.
He said in last 44 years in Govt he has never worked so hard and so much.
He was recently telling me that he is worried the way Modi is working he may be harming his own health
Apparently many times he skips regular meals to accommodate some requests.
He is working avg 18-20 hours a day!
When I asked him why doesn’t he respond to allegations against him. He laughed and said he has reached state of self actualisation. Every meeting they have, he runs through it for 30 mins and than he always ask the same question to everyone in every meeting ‘ What more can we do to make India better’ 24×7 he is on the over drive working on it.
Mr A said a recent example where they finished a meeting at 12 in the midnight and as they were walking out there were 3 groups of people waiting for him.
Coincidentally he had meeting on another topic at 8am in the morning the very next day. When they were walking in at 8am, the 3rd group from previous night was walking out.
And later he came to know from his secy that PM hasn’t slept for 36 hours !
And this is when it is business as usual and not national emergency..
Mr. A says he does not know whether Modi’s health will survive this self inflicted tough schedule or if he will even win the next election
However he is clear of one thing… In this 5 years he will leave a lasting legacy…

This tale about Mr Modi was widely circulated on social media with thousands and thousands of shares. It had become so viral that someone put it on a Times of India blog too! This is one of those typical posts which glorifies Mr Modi as to how hard working he is. Apparently, someone called Manish Malhotra, who is an ‘Indian MBA’ from UK and has a close relative in the PMO, is the source of the article. The close relative is referred to as Mr A. Now let’s do some basic fact checking to see if this story is genuine.

1) The post claims that Mr A. has been an officer in the Govt for last 44 years and retired in Feb 2014. The typical retirement age of IAS/IPS/IFS officers is 60. So if Mr A was 60 in 2014, he must be 62 now. 44 years of service means he was appointed at the age of 18! Now I googled for the youngest IAS/IPS officer and I couldn’t find anyone less than 22 years of age. Some of the youngest officers have been enlisted in this quora post.

Even if Mr A got an extension for 3/4 years, he couldn’t have had 44 years of service. Moreover none of the youngest IAS/IPS officers that I found in my research are in the PMO. In fact, the lower age limit to appear for the UPSC exam through which IAS, IPS, IFS officers are chosen is 21. Wonder, in which country did Mr A appear for an IAS exam at the age of 18!

2) We checked the list of officers listed on PMO site and googled each one of them for their current employment status. Only 3 officers in the PMO right now are among retired IAS/IPS/IFS officers – Nripendra Mishra, Ajit Doval and PK Mishra. None of these officers retired in Feb 2014 or anywhere close to it. Nripendra Mishra’s age is 71, Ajit Doval’s age is 72 so they retired almost a decade ago and much before Feb 2014 when Mr A supposedly retired. PK Mishra’s age is 67 so he retired at least 5-7 years ago, again much before Feb 2014. So, who is this Mr A who supposedly retired in Feb 2014? He’s no where to be found on the list of officers on PMO’s site.

The complete list of officers can be found here.

Thus it can be safely concluded that this entire post is a piece of fiction made up by someone who is well aware of the gullibility of the usual right-wing supporter.

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11 Comments on "BUSTED: ‘True’ story by Manish Malhotra about Modi working 18-20 hours a day"

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the story is obviously fake, but nowhere it mentions that mr.A is an ias or ips… anyways such modi stories remain false until proven true… no proof can convince the fools who believe such stories that they are fake..

Jatinder Paul Singh

so who is a fool?

by the way, I heard this for at least three PMs, first of whom was Rajeev Gandhi!!


I wonder How often Modi Ji Seat in Office? As i recall since he occupy PM chair he traveled almost 60 Countries. While In India, he used to Campaign so much that it becomes rigorous task even for analyst. After that, count Public functions were PM himself has to inaugurate/Key Note Address/ etc.
He must be Working tirelessly but only on LIVE TV not from his office for sure and for that no needs of any fact check. It’s everyone to see. But hardly anyone realize.

Hariom Singh
See, Alt News, we followed you because you were different and unbiased in went to the bare bones to reveal a truth..but somehow you arr becoming Aap..single minded focus to badmouth BJP and RSS and gaining Hi- fives from fellow ones..this complete negativity may kill you one day…about the article- What if Mr A has been promoted from a lower rank? May be he joined at peon and got promoted? Do you know how many people are working with modi? MODI is a prime minister and he may work on 1000 new things and with 1000 officers, so finding… Read more »

Working 18-20 hours once a while may happen to many people. A student just before an exam may do that, a doctor may perform a surgery for that many hours, a bank official/accountant may work that long to sort things out before the year ends, and so on. But anyone who works that many hours often is a bad example to human being. I guess it is a bad example to asses too!

Take time to read good books, spend time with family/friends, watch a good movie, go for jogging, take a nature walk, sleep adequately….

I think you are die hard supporter of BJP. What are you telling to others. I think you are already doing the same for AAP. Open your eyes and see where and what are the good changes for our country progress. After 5 minutes of thinking you will talk about Demonetisation, GST and Gau Raksha Gang. Do you think Demonetisation was perfect plan at this time, which took more than 100 lives in our country or you will say it stopped corruptions, where it increase the corruptions itself through bankers and some white suit business men or Politicians. And finally… Read more »
Does it Matter

1 genuine question- Which political party is not playing with us? Please enlighten.

Subin Das
Their It team is working on over drive. They are briefed each morning as to what should be their topic of discussion on one and all electronic medias and FB, Tweeter, Blogs. do they care as to what they write about the person whom they are trying to project as Demigod to people who dabble in above mentioned. It was and is the manor they are trying to establish blatant lies all around. Of course die hard supporters of their Demigod believe these and share these lies on Social medias. It looks like Heir Goebbels have come back in a… Read more »

Just because the story is not credible as per you – how does that negate the PM’s work ethic ? This is a typical logical fallacy and something simple minded left wing pseudo intellectuals fall for quite easily as “proof” .


Guys leave everything aside. Modi is good for me because in last 3 years he destroyed the indian rupee and I am able to make a fortune by exchanging dirhams for rupees in Dubai.

Omer Khan

Same here, I can exchange dollars pretty nicely XP