Almost everyone on social media has fallen for hoaxes and fake news at some time or the other and ended up sharing it further. There are some who fall more often than others. There are some who fall even when the hoaxes are screamingly fake. Whether it is deliberate propaganda or shared inadvertently, it is always interesting to see the reaction after learning that the news was fake. On one hand we have those who apologize, retract and express regret and on the other, we have those persist and watch it being spread by their followers. Alt News brings you the interesting case of S. Gurumurthy, co-convener of Swadeshi Jagran Manch.

BJP president Amit Shah with S. Gurumurthy, co-convenor, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, at the Devendrakula Velalar conference in Madurai
BJP president Amit Shah with S. Gurumurthy, co-convenor, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, at the Devendrakula Velalar conference in Madurai [Courtesy Hindu]

Mr. Gurumurthy has repeatedly fallen for fake news. Here are a few examples:

1. Sharing the news that Angola has become the first country to ban Islam, Gurumurthy wondered about how liberals will react while. Little did he realize that he was sharing a hoax. The fake news has been doing rounds since 2013, re-emerging every now and then, thanks to people like Gurumurthy. You can read more about it in this BBC article. No, liberals did not cry as Gurumurthy expected. They probably had a good laugh.

2. Gurumurthy played the classic “If true” trick while sharing an edited video of Rahul Gandhi. “Listen and think for yourself”, he said. Think for yourself who would fall for such a clearly doctored video and refuse to acknowledge his error even after he is made aware that it is “not true”.

The video was originally shared by @superlonday as a joke. Gurumurthy and the thousand people who shared his tweet clearly missed it.

3. Guess who fell for the nano chip in the Rs 2000 note? Yes it was Gurumurthy again. Being a big believer in the benefits of demonetisation, this too must have sounded entirely believable to him.

He also believes we will soon see this feature in new notes.

4. That is not all. Gurumurthy has even shared fake news about AR Rehman. “Just read and share” he said and nearly 2800 people did just that without applying their mind. The fact that the poster was shared by Postcard News, a known peddler of fake news was also not a hint to Gurumurthy that it is fake.

You can read the fact-check by SMHoaxSlayer on this fake news here

5. What is left after you have fallen for Postcard New? Yes, The Onion! Gurumurthy believes that too if it confirms his worldview. “Ancient Greeks didn’t exist, historians made them up”. If you are looking to see who would believe the spoof, look no further, you have found your man.

From GPS chip in Rs 2000 note to Postcard News memes, it is ironical that one of the most regarded right-wing ideologue and prolific political and economic commentator repeatedly falls for the most obvious hoaxes.

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what about Sanjay Jha who did not even apologize even after knowing it was fake image?
apna toh haina


The RSS leaders live in a world, where the difference between the myth and reality is completely blurred.With the absence of the culture of logical thinking, most of these leaders fall prey to the fake news very easily. It is meaningless to expect something sensible from these leaders as most of them are disconnected with the past and have a distorted world view based on bigotry and blind faith.

Roger P

Most of the right wing authors have their world view so distorted that they are simply not capable of discerning the difference between fake and real. As long as a news item aligns with their wild fantasies they will share it. I also believe that in lot of case they do it on purpose to carry forward their own twisted narratives. Sharing other’s stories gives them an easy option of backing out if the story gets called out for being false.


Yeoman service to the nation by Altnews. BJP and RSS propaganda is most vicious. I could now guess how hitler would have been in his time. No wonder Hitler was the Veer Savarkar’s role model.


Not Veer, just Savarkar. Please don’t perpetuate fake titles like veer, baba and yogi .


Very True.. Not Veer. One who asked for amnesty from Britishers how could he be Veer. But one thing I want to ask. Is there any definitive text which can tell us what actually happened, as RSS would say Savarkar is veer while for others its not so.


What would you say about Ambedkar? He did not participate in any freedom struggle. In fact, he opposed quit India movement. He was also negotiating with Britishers for reservation of seats for Dalits and still given Bharatratna , why?


Gurumurthy is a perverted fellow why give him such importance. He talks nonsense all the time. He himself is a fake news propagator. No doubt he will do this naturally.

Shanker Lal Parjapati
Shanker Lal Parjapati

Hoax and Fake is all swadeshi. So he has to believe.

Sharad p

Alt news is professional when it comes to spreading fake news. Why are you critcising Gurumurthy, when you are doing the same thing for years ?


We dont call bhakts dumbasses for no reason. They are a special kind of stupid,even the so-called literates.