A 29-second video clip of a Hindi-language song that indulges in fear-mongering of a takeover by the Muslim community if Samajwadi Party [SP] forms the government in UP Elections in 2022 is being shared on social media with the claim that the song was composed by the Muslim community. The viral text being shared on social media states, “This song composed by Muslim community should be enough to open eyes of Hindus. This shows the thought process of SP. Despite that, some Hindus are foolish enough to dream of forming an SP Government along caste lines..” An approximate English translation of the song is, “If SP Government comes to power, then the construction of Ram Mandir will stop, the green flag will be flown, while the saffron flag will be lowered.” Multiple Twitter users have shared this video. (1,2,3,4)

Alt News has received several requests to fact-check this claim on our WhatsApp helpline number (+91 76000 11160)

Video Verification

The viral video has two logos — the one on the top left consists of an image of a man along with the text ‘Sandeep Acharya Fam’, and on the top right is the text, ‘Sandeep Acharya’ along with WhatsApp’s logo and phone number 8765547747.

Using this as a clue, we performed a keyword search and found that a YouTube Channel Rudra Music had uploaded a video on September 29, a clipped version of which is now being shared on social media. As per the description, the artist is Sandeep Acharya, and the song title is ‘aai spa to mandir ka nirman rukega‘ which translates to, “If SP Government comes to power, the construction of Ram Mandir will stop”. The album name under which the song has been uploaded is ‘yogi songs‘.

Sandeep Acharya has close to one lakh followers on Facebook. The WhatsApp number on the viral video and his Facebook page are identical. Sandeep told Alt News, “I have written and performed this song. I’m a BJP supporter. There is no way SP members can say something like this.”

Sandeep Acharya is a staunch supporter of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Posted by Sandeep Acharya on Saturday, 5 June 2021

To sum it up, a clipped version of a song performed by Sandeep Acharya indulging in fear-mongering, and claiming that if Samajwadi Party wins the UP election, the construction of Ram Mandir will stop, was shared with the false claim that it was made by the Muslim community.

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