It was claimed on social media that Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally at Bengaluru, Karnataka on February 4 had reportedly said that there are 7 lakh villages in Karnataka that are yet to be electrified. This claim was made based on a headline flashed on a TV news channel ‘News9’ which reported that PM Modi had said that ‘7 lakh villages in Karnataka are living in the dark’.

News9’s report was picked up by social media users, who took potshots at PM Modi over this alleged claim.

PM Modi’s alleged claim was also latched on to by the opposition. Congress leader Pawan Khera was among those who tweeted about the PM’s alleged gaffe.

This particular piece of information turned out to be false. Posted below is the video in which PM Modi spoke about the state of electrification in Karnataka. As can be heard clearly, PM Modi is saying, “Aap sochiye, agar ek din bengaluru mein bijli na aye, toh kaisa hahakar mach jayega, lekin karnataka mein aise 7 lakh aur pure desh mein aise 4 crore GHAR hain jo azadi ke itne varsho baad bhi andhere ki zindagi ji rahe hain” (Please think, if Bengaluru does not get electricity for a day, what chaos will it lead to. But in Karnataka, there are 7 lakh and in the entire country 4 crore households which are living in darkness even after so many years of independence). PM Modi is referring to households and not villages when he refers to the figure of 7 lakh.

According to the official data which can be accessed here, Karnataka has roughly 6.5 lakh households which are still in need of electricity. PM’s claim of 7 lakh unelectrified households is in the range of the official data available. In terms of percentage of electrification achieved, Karnataka stands at 93% and is among the better performing states in terms of electrification coverage and higher than BJP ruled states such as Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

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6 Comments on "Fact Check: Did PM Modi say Karnataka has 7 lakh villages?"

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Anand Nair
It seems that what Modi said was that 7 lakh households (and not “villages”) of Karnataka that “are living in darkness”. Let us do a fact check at the latest census data of 2011 available at []. From here we can download (as pdf or Excel) the file named “Houses, Household Amenities and Assets-2011” and within this we can access the table showing “Distribution of households by source of lighting”. From the above, the % of houses in Karnataka that have “no lighting: is as below:- Karnataka: 0.4% with “no lighting” out of 1,31,79,911 total households. Which is 52,719 households… Read more »
PakChipak RajaBabu

Unfortunately people do not vote with that sense in the mind. Most Indian voters are “herd voters”, they vote as a group, the elders/ influentials in the society dicatate whom to vote. Fair and Equal election is a far cry. And most people vote for modi because they believe that hindus are in danger of being run over by other communities and only modi G is the saviour.

vikas sharma

so why modi telling in past that he will finished all darkness from all household in india. is karnataka not from india. or modi is pm for only for bjp states. is not modi failure that there is not electricity in karnataka.


I am from Kerala and can show you many households which are still not connected to grid.

Rakesh Agrawal

This guys who became our PM by default, is still in the campaign mode & utters lies after lie . First he claimed in front of world leaders in Davos that 600 crores Indians voted for him in 2014 and now in Bangalore that there is no electricity o=in 7 lakh villages of Karnataka. I’m really ashamed that he is our PM!

Jason Joseph
Middle class is sapped of savings with the so-called GST on all fronts. No respite. Essential commodities like onion and tomato is a see-saw of price rise. Jobs depleting, attrition in software companies, banks looting the people of their own money while withdrawing through ATM or through banks, mutual funds money is taxed, share market returns are taxed, on everything you find that the price has increased. Salaried class are taxed and squeezed from everywhere. How much does a country require. The state which does not tow this currrent govts line, is polarised in such a way, that people are… Read more »