On February 4, 2018, Alt News published an article that shockingly revealed how a list of more than 100 couples who had entered into inter-religious union were being targeted on social media and a page called “Hindutva Varta” was openly calling for violence against these couples by putting out links to their Facebook profiles as a list in the public domain.

Alt News has identified the perpetrator of these threats. The Facebook page by the name ‘Hindutva Vaarta‘ had urged social media members to track and hunt down Muslim men who are in a relationship with Hindu women. A person called Satish Mylavarapu admitted to being the admin of the page.

Mylavarapu has been rather brazen on social media, openly posting threats and inciting violence against members of a particular community. His viciousness can be judged by the fact that he openly pays tributes to Nathuram Godse and claims that Godse saved the country. In the following tweet, along with a picture of Nathuram Godse, Mylavarapu writes, “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Desh Bachcha Gaye Nathuram”.

Many of Mylavarapu’s tweets call for genocide against ethnic communities and religious minorities.

In the following tweet, he urges members of the Sikh Community (Khalsa) to crush Islam.

His bigotry did not even spare Ankit Saxena who was killed by the family members of the Muslim woman he was in love with, justifying his murder and claiming that it is the wicked Indian constitution that led to his death, and not Islam.

After Alt News’ story on the call for violence against inter-faith couples led to a huge uproar, the FB page ‘Hindutva Vaarta’ was suspended. Mylavarapu however was nonplussed about the fact that his page was taken off Facebook, resolving to bide his time.

This nonchalance on the part of those who are openly issuing violent threats in the public domain is a serious cause for concern. Such threats are a direct affront to the authority of the state which is expected to crack down with a heavy hand on those who challenge its monopoly over the legitimate use of force. Moreover, these calls for ‘tracking and hunting down’ Muslim boys is not only blatantly communal but calls upon ordinary citizens to adopt violent tactics, openly fuelling communal tension and conflict. Alt News calls for strict action to be initiated against the admin of the page.

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Went through his page. Unlikely that he lives in Dindigul. Also can we not report this guy stating that he was the admin of the Page that was taken down?


So Telugu guys too have become like this.


madness has no geographical limits

PakChipak RajaBabu

Does modi G follows him personally?? If not, modi G just found another “hero”

Rakesh Agrawal

As right-wing commentators and blind and committed bhakts who cannot indulge in any serious debate and discussion as they are morally and intellectually bankrupt, so they restore to abuse and troll, this attack on inter-faith marriage is also a part of their nefarious design that also confirms their deeply misogynistic and patriarchal view that girls, basically Hindu girls are idiots, so they must be saved from these demons launching the so-called love-jihad!


I dont understand why people marry person of different beliefs and religion.marry to your same religion.thats better.


You will not understand till you consider yourself human first and muslim later. Same time consider that all other religion followers are equal. Till than this question will hunt you.




Your story is based on microscopic secular agenda. People like you are responsible for these so called Minorities forever attacking Hindus. We need all Hindus to be awakened to stop the Pakistanization of India. You are wrong to target one person when the problem is quite widespread and caused by Islamic fundamentalists who are in reality in war against Hindu India.