Hindutva FB page publishes list of 100+ couples in inter-faith marriages, calls for violence

“यह एक सूची है उन हिन्दू लड़कियों के फेसबुक प्रोफाइल की जो लव जिहाद का शिकार हो चुकी है या हो रही है… हर हिन्दू शेर से आग्रह है, इनमे जो लड़के है, उनको खोज के शिकार करे” (This is a list of Facebook profiles of those Hindu girls who are either victims of love-jihad or are in the process of becoming one. Every Hindu lion is urged to track and hunt the boys from this list) A Facebook page by the name of “Hindutva Varta” (Hindutva Talk) posted a list of 102 couples – Hindu girls in relationships with Muslim boys – and called for Hindus to come forward and attack the boys. The page that has a gun as its profile picture has shared a database and made this open call for violence. Fanned by sections of the media and members of the ruling Hindu nationalist party, the bogie of “love-jihad” is now out of hand. The situation is alarming with a radical group inciting targeted violence against a list of individuals.

The offensive post of the “Hindutva Varta” page has now been deleted after it caused uproar on social media. Alt News has archived the information but will not reproduce it here in the interest of safety of the couples involved.

A glance through the page reveals its violent agenda. In one incendiary post, it urges parents to teach girls to use guns to save themselves from Jihad.

In another post a group of men is seen beating up a person. “Along with the cow, the person who slaughtered it will also be dead”, says the accompanying message.

The list shared by “Hindutva Varta” was also shared in November, 2017 by a page called “Justice for Hindus”. Unlike “Hindutva Varta”, there was no call for violence and the long list was shared as a wake-up call. The message accompanying the list said, “Hindu girls are converting to Islam by love jihad (Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men are said to reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. Wake up Hindus otherwise you will lose your homeland India. Here is a long list of love jihad with their Facebook ID link”. The page gave credit to a certain Riddhiman Kunti for the list.

The “Hindutva Varta” page routinely posts inflammatory messages that have a very obvious objective to polarize communities and radicalize Hindu youth. The content talks openly of Hindu supremacy and violence against Muslims. There are many Hindutva pages on social media that post provocative content but this page has gone a step further in calling for an attack. This threat should not be taken lightly. While the particular post has been deleted, the page is still available on Facebook. We hope the home ministry and local police authorities will investigate it further before it carries out its threats against the 102 couples named in its post.

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7 Comments on "Hindutva FB page publishes list of 100+ couples in inter-faith marriages, calls for violence"

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This is horrific. The government of India must order investigation thro’ NIA and go to the bottom of the FB postings of these groups, who are bent upon creating tension in the society, by inciting violence and threats. Social order is a must in a secular and pluralistic democracy like India. If the indian government, does not pay attention to this kind of activities, which are grave threat to our developmental activities, then it seriously damage our secular fabric of the nation. Hope and pray, the govt. takes necessary steps immediately to nip it in the buds.


Which Govt of India? The one which holds the police back lest they accost the lawless killer mobs propagating racial cleansing?

Rakesh Agrawal

They are doing it as they have full support of this govt, so don’t expect anything from the NIA as instead of investigating violence, crime and terrorism, this agency of involved investigating the so-called Love-Jihad! The only way-out is not to let the RSS/BJP form another govt in 2019!

PakChipak RajaBabu

That’s one more page for modi G to follow. Modi G loves inflammatory content.

Rakesh Agrawal

These blind prejudiced bhakts are determined to destroy the very concept of India and tell us what to ear & what not, what to eat & what what, whom to marry and whom not? And, big brother is really watching us and we are condemned to live in an Orwellian time and we must oppose it.


This is horrifying. Are we living in the Middle Ages? And what courage are these fanatics talking about? If a bunch of them beat up a single individual is that bravery?


What happened to law and order in the country? Can we go ahead and start putting bounties on people we don’t like now? This is just like blasphemy law of Pakistan that I keep hearing about.