Timeline of activities of Raza Academy, the self-appointed ‘Dharam ke thekedar’

According to a report by TOI, on March 11, Salim, along with a friend, drove down to his girlfriend’s college to meet her. Seeing her, he stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out and rushed towards her with a rose and proposed the old-fashi...

A Hindu-Muslim couple in love for 12 years want to get married – Local BJP leader screams Love Jihad

According to a report by NewsMinute, Ashita and Shakeel, who are both MBA graduates, have been in love for 12 years and decided to get married. In this particular case, their parents had also consented to the wedding and the two of them are already e...

After Chowmein, Jeans and Mannequins, now women entering Shani Temple will cause rapes

Over time, multiple religious leaders, political leaders as well as leaders of 'cultural organizations' have manufactured a variety of reasons to explain the repeated sexual crimes against women in India. From wearing jeans, to using cellphones to ea...

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