A video is circulating on social media with the claim that it shows a Muslim migrant in the Netherlands urinating in the pork section at a supermarket. The cameraperson filming the incident can be heard saying, “We don’t eat pork” in the background. Far-Right lawmaker Geert Wilders, whose party swept to a shock victory in the recently held general elections in the Netherlands, shared the viral clip and said, “gained another ten seats”. (Archive)

Internet personality Oli London tweeted the video and amplified the claim. The tweet garnered 3.2 million views. (Archive)

Verified handle @RadioGenoa also tweeted the video with the caption, “Cultural enricher urinates on pork in Netherlands”. The tweet garnered 2.9 million views and several Islamophobic comments including one @TheeHappyBeaver saying, “It’s time to start dropping pork on Mecca”. (Archive)

One of the UK’s most prominent far-Right activists and anti-Islam campaigner, Tommy Robinson, tweeted the video with the same claim. (Archive)

Britain First party leader Paul Golding, Indian Right Wing account @ajaychauhan41 and news outlet Visegrád 24 tweeted the same video with the same claim. (Archives- 1, 2, 3)

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Fact Check

Alt News discovered that the viral video had been first posted by Dutch YouTuber Danny Derix, also known by his Instagram handle @buurtwachtt. The text imposed into the video reads “Waar is beveiliging van de Albert heijn?” which translates to “Where is Albert Heijn security?”. The text is followed by two laughing emojis.


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A post shared by Danny Derix (@buurtwachtt)

Albert Heijn is a major supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

We also noticed that the YouTuber Danny had posted three other reels where a person appears to be urinating with their face turned away from the camera, in a way similar to the viral video. Here, here and here are the links to the Instagram videos.

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In two of the aforementioned videos, the individual is wearing the same clothes as in the viral video: A dark blue jacket bearing the brand name The North Face, a grey hoodie, and black sweatpants with a white mark.

Moreover, several users on Twitter clarified that the video was part of a prank.

We reached out to YouTuber Danny Derix, who refuted the viral claims by clarifying, “It’s not me in the video; I’m the one recording.” According to his statement, the individual featured in the video is a friend of Danny’s who happens to be a Muslim, a fact that we couldn’t independently verify. Danny confirmed that the video was part of a comedy skit, revealing that a water bottle was used in instances where a liquid was visible. He emphasized that the series of videos conveyed the following message: “You shouldn’t believe anything on the internet because, as you can see, it is very easy to fake a video and spread it on the internet as the truth.”

In a 15-minute video titled “IK HIELD HEEL DE WERELD VOOR DE GEK” or “I fooled the entire world,” Danny provides a detailed explanation of the prank. At the 9:27-minute mark, he reveals that he took an empty packet, similar to the one he’s seen holding in the video, and went to the restroom. There, he urinated in the packet to capture the sound, which was later incorporated into the background of the Instagram video.

It is thus clear that a prank video is being circulated online with a misleading communal spin. The YouTuber who originally filmed the video refuted the viral claims while speaking to Alt News.

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