Fake quote on Hindus and Muslims attributed to actor Prakash Raj

“Hindus have been wiped out from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir. They never sought revenge from Muslims. They silently embraced death. All Hindus should learn secularism & tolerance from those Hindus”. This is what is being attributed to actor Prakash Raj. According to this quote which is being shared widely on social media, the actor apparently made this inflammatory statement, asking the Hindu community to silently embrace death when faced with Muslim aggression.

Prakash Raj has been a vocal dissenter and critic of the ruling party and Government, as a result of which he has often come under attack from those sympathetic and supportive of the regime.

The Hindi version of the said quote too has been circulating on social media.

Prakash Raj tweeted on the issue, clarifying he had never made any such statement and that lies are being spread in his name.

By the time a clarification is issued by these celebrities, the fake quote has already travelled far and wide on multiple social media platforms. These fake quotes which are frequently attributed to celebrities by suspicious twitter handles and Facebook pages seem to be following an established pattern. The format in which these quotes are presented is broadly similar, and the theme is usually communal. Actors who have professed a certain point of view which is not popular with certain sections are usually targeted. Prakash Raj is now the latest victim, along with actors Farhan Akhtar and Swara Bhasker.

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