Fake Twitter accounts with Muslim identities are the norm of the day in Indian social media. They either support right-wing politics or spurt out hate while donning a Muslim identity, either of which, directly or indirectly, helps propel right-wing politics. Alt News had recently written a detailed account of one such fake Twitter account called giniromet. After the terror attack on Amarnath Yatris in which 7 pilgrims were killed, a fake Twitter account with the ID “@ShaneMalwa” with the name “Dr Abdul Vashisht” has sent out several hateful tweets.

Abdul Vashist, Those Hindus were instigating Muslims by worshipping something that signifies a penis. Hindus must respect islam in Muslim Majority Kashmir

Dr Abdul Vashist ShaneMalwa The naked shiva on Himalaya was unable to help his worshippers who were worshipping his dick(linga). LOL

Abdul Vashist shanemalwa ur naked shiva did not protest his dick (linga) worshippers. What kind of stupid God is he.

These tweets are designed to hurt Hindu sentiments and especially so after a terror attack in which Hindu pilgrims were killed. Even during the recent riots in Basirhat, Bengal, this Twitter account tried similar tactics.

Abdul Vashist The Bengal incident is not lynching. It is legitimate anger of Muslims at blasphemy. We cannot tolerate blasphemy about our prophet.

How do we know this Twitter id is fake? We tracked the changes in this account’s Twitter biography which shows how the person is assuming various identities, the new one clearly contradicting the old one. We also tracked the old deleted tweets from this account and the present tweets which show clear contradiction in terms of narrative and identity.

In this account’s current biography, the person claims to be, “Former Hindu now Progressive Muslim.I am a Muslim scholar who tweets on Muslim issues in USA&India.Spreading Islam in USA & India is my goal.Phd in Computer Sc.

abdul vashist shanemalwa Former Hindu now Progressive Muslim.I am a Muslim scholar who tweets on Muslim issues in USA&India.Spreading Islam in USA & India is my goal.Phd in Computer Sc.

This same account at an earlier time used to have the following biography, “Progress Hindu Muslim. My ancestors were Brahmins of Konkan who became Muslims. Bhakt of Pradhan Sevak Shri Narendra Modi. Lets save India from Islamization.

ShaneMalwa Abdul Rehman Vashist "Progress Hindu Muslim. My ancestors were Brahmins of Konkan who became Muslims. Bhakt of Pradhan Sevak Shri Narendra Modi. Lets save India from Islamization.

This same old Twitter bio also shows up in cached Google Search results.

Abdul Rehman Vashist Google Search results

In the present bio, this account claims to be “Spreading Islam in USA & India is my goal” while in its previous avatar stated, “Lets save India from Islamization“. Such behaviour is typical of a fake account which changes narratives depending on the situation. This Twitter account which once used to uphold Hindu Rashtra is now upholding an Islamic state under Sharia. Some of the following tweets have been deleted and we retrieved them from various services that cache old tweets.

abdul vashist shanemalwa Hindu rastra is preferable to one with Muslim personal law. If you have no problem with latter what wrong with former?

Abdul Vashist shanemalwa shammybaweja As a Muslim I am more happy living under Hindu rastra than in present day UP or Sharia complaint personal laws #YogiAdityanath

In the above tweets, this Twitter account clearly endorses the concept of Hindu Rastra. Lately, the account has completely changed its narrative and now wants Sharia and wants everybody to convert to Islam.

abdul vashist shanemalwa concept of democratic secular nation is unislamic. We are tired of saying only Sharia is acceptable to Muslims. Why don't people listen to us?

abdul vashist shanemalwa Conversion to Islam is best gift she can give herself before dying

Another narrative that changed was this account going from “Jai Modi” to “56 inch has shrunk to 3 inches“. The old Twitter biography also stated, “Bhakt of Pradhan Sevak Shri Narendra Modi“.

abdul vashist the 56 inch has shrunk to 3 inches. He had a rough week. First China & now Kashmir. Bharat maa ki le raha hai aur pradhan sevak khamosh hai.

This shows greatness of our dear leader Modiji who tolerates low life commie scums mouthing subhuman profanities. Jai Modi!!

The changing bio and the changing narrative in this account’s tweets clearly shows that it is a fake account designed to instigate people depending on the situation. However, people are falling for this obviously fake account and are feeling offended.

Mamta NIgam mamtan14 Another Example Where Hindus Won't react Coz it's not a Fragile Religion like Islam where Wahhabi Weaklings start Rioting if mo insulted

vina leekha vinaleekha1 beyond ur understanding. it's better than dying and killing to get wanton with 72 so called luscious hoors even after dying. #AmarnathYatra.

This Twitter account is a repeat offender, tried to incite communal hatred during Bengal riots and now after the terror attack on Amarnath Yatris. Hopefully, the law enforcement agencies will track down the owner of this Twitter account and expose the person behind such dangerous propaganda.

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True Indian
True Indian

does this guy really have no job but spreading hatred?! Such disgusting tweets about our Gods. U guys won’t obviously like it when we say something bad about the Prophet.
Still we can tolerate the comments about Hinduism, but how dare he move to the Sikhs?! He must know that 100 sikhs killed more 1 lakh Muslim soldiers during an invasion, thus saving India. We must not tolerate the comments made against Sikh.
(P.S.: ‘By not tolerating’ I don’t mean that beat up someone. I just meant that remove such kinds of hate mongers using your voice)

Smart Indian
Smart Indian

Dude did you even read the article??

the article EXPOSES how an anti-Indian is PRETENDING to be muslim to incite hatred between Hindus and Muslims.

True Indian
True Indian

I didn’t quite get it coz he was hurling abuses about our Gods


That is the problem with us Indians, our brains stop working once we even get a hint of someone hurting our “religious sentiments”. We do not even think about the authenticity or validity of such things, we act like uneducated animals and start lashing out.

True Indian
True Indian

you are all getting me wrong, I didn’t know this guy was himself a Hindu who had a fake account in a name of a Muslim. He was trying to defame muslims and spread hatred.


I think this guy was transferred from the Hindu desk to the Muslim desk at the IT Cell and kept using the same account. IT Cell will likely come out with revised SOP to avoid this loop hole 🙂