Alas 2017 has ended without Subramanian Swamy’s much awaited prediction of “$1=Re 1” coming true. It was in April 2012 that Swamy made this legendary forecast that has since been a butt of jokes. Not much is known about the context of his tweet as the original tweet that it was in response to, has been deleted. Swamy later clarified that this was conditional on him being the Finance Minister. Oh well, we will have to wait a little longer for this one to come true but let us check out the fate of the other predictions.

Subramanian Swamy runs a popular handle on Twitter with 6.3 million+ followers. His PTs or ‘Patriotic Tweeples’ as he likes to call them are clued on to his controversial views on various topics. He talks to them using a code language with words like TDK, JJ, Bottle, R3, etc., which they have now learnt to decipher. Swamy also keeps his PTs encouraged with his many prophecies promising his variation of the elusive “achche din”.

A lot was expected to happen in 2017 that didn’t. Let us look at it through Subramanian Swamy’s prophecies.

2017 didn’t quite go as expected

The process of “Congi crooks” going to Jail was to start by November 1, 2017. Though this deadline has been missed, there is still hope as August 2018 is the final date to watch out for.

Poor PTs have been waiting with a first aid box since this tweet and are now wondering if they should use the burnol on themselves. Swamy has meanwhile launched a sharp attack on the government’s claim of no negative impact of GST by calling the CSO data on GDP bogus and alleging that Moody’s and Fitch will publish any report “if you pay them.” So much for India being re-energised by the time 2018 begins!

Even though the Ram Temple is yet to start and the Article 370 is untouched so far, PTs can still take comfort in the hope for a national ban of cow slaughter in 2018. With the upcoming elections in Meghalaya and Nagaland, that is certainly a very optimistic expectation.

The year 2017 also ended without the exclusive temple areas or the Ram Mandir construction in full swing.

Swamy had also predicted that after the Ram Mandir, Modi government will bring Uniform Civil Code Bill in 2017. The latest update on that is that Justice Chauhan, the Chairman of the Law Commission was recently quoted as saying “Uniform Civil Code is not possible, it’s not even an option.” Oh well…

The story prior to 2017

It is not just this year that Swamy’s predictions have gone awry. The past record has not been too encouraging either.

Swamy had hoped that Congress will join NDA if it got less than 70 seats in the 2014 general elections. And Vadra would be in jail. We have no comment to make on this except, “Are you serious?”

Talking of Article 370, it was to be deleted in 2015 itself. Such were the expectations that Swamy held from the BJP government.

Unfortunately Swamy’s recent election predictions have been off the mark. Delhi did to Kiran Bedi what Punjab did to the Akali-BJP alliance.

What about 2018?

So what does 2018 hold in store for us? Here are some of Swamy’s predictions for the new year:

Smart Cities will be a reality, we will get the Ram Mandir by Diwali and Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will be behind bars by 2018 end and India will overtake China on the economic front. On this note, we welcome 2018 and wish you all a very Happy New year.

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