Godse was God sent”, “Gandhi should have been hanged“, “Godse had valid reasons to shoot Gandhi”, “I repeat I’m a big Godse fan, so what? What do the people who posted these tweets have in common? Yes, they are all followed by the honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. “गांधी जयंती पर बापू को शत्-शत् नमन! I bow to beloved Bapu on Gandhi Jayanti. His noble ideals motivate millions across the world,” Even as PM Modi tweeted his homage to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, he continues to follow many of those who celebrate the killer of Gandhi.

The video that is attached to Mr. Modi’s tweet pays a personal tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his Birth Anniversary. Though from Prime Minister downwards, BJP leaders don’t miss to their mandatory Gandhi Jayanti tweet, the situation on the ground among the followers of the RSS ideology is very different. From criticizing Gandhi to praising Godse, you can see it all there.

Alt News researched the tweets of the people Mr. Modi follows to see the sentiment they express towards the father of the nation and his murderer. Here is a small selection:

There are those deify him and are ardent admirers

Yet others find rational reasons to justify the killing of the Mahatma

The following tweet is by BJP’s National IT Cell head.

These are the thoughts of BJP National IT Cell head vis-a-vis Gandhiji's assassination
These are the thoughts of BJP National IT Cell head vis-a-vis Gandhiji’s assassination

Yet, the common feature in many being that they see nothing wrong with the killer

And others who equate Godse to Ram, Krishna and Obama while equating Gandhiji to Osama, Kans and Ravan

And others who wish Godse were still around for more such jobs

And those who salute Godse and support the idea of statues in his memory

The above is only a small extract from a large number of such tweets by people Mr Modi handpicked to follow. Though he follows so many admirers of Nathuram Godse, Mr. Modi himself has never tweeted anything in his praise. At the same time, he has never said anything negative about him either. His views on Godse remain unsaid, never to be expressed openly.

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13 Comments on "What do these Nathuram Godse fans have in common? They are all followed by PM Modi on Twitter"

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Raj Baral

If Mr. Pradhan Sevak follow the Nathuram Godse fan then it means that Mr Na Mo follow the Nathuram Godse as well. So that there is one more common thing amongst them including Mr. Na Mo that they are belong to same RSS UNIVERSITY and they are all co passengers of RSS TITANIC.

Inderjit Badhwat

I may not agree with all Gandhi did and said but I hang my head in shame and pray for the souls of these basically decent people who praise this terrorist assassination…may our Lord Brahma forgive them for they know not what they do. Gandhi has already forgiven them( even though I do not forgive Gandhi for many indiscretions). Now it is time for them to forgive Gandhi, and move on to Sardar Patel and Vajpayee.

It is sad that my Hon.Prime minister follows those who supports what godse did then and justify the cause of murder of great Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our great nation. I also shocked to note that one Mr.Amit Malvia, who is heading the BJP’s IT cell,directly thro’ his twitter comment justifies Godse’s actions indirectly. This gentleman, who is occupying the official position in BJP, must be removed by the BJP. Today, this ideology, which is responsible for hatred tried to be spread across india, particularly in the cow belt. I humbly request my honourable Prime Minister of my great… Read more »

Bharat bhajpa ko marega B==B


Statistics……a longer list can be easily created of twitter handles that hate Nathuram Godse and is followed by PM Modi…..what does that prove? Nothing really, same as this list does not prove anything. Personally, the author may not agree with views of these people or this publication may not agree, that does not make their views invalid.
This is just click bait to get eyeballs in name of Godse, Modi and Gandhi


So u dont think the PM following such ppl emboldens them further??? Same goes for the abusers of Gauri Lankesh after her gruesome assassination….And do u not see how shameful it is that the head of the BJP IT cell is trying to justify the assassination of the Father of our Nation?

Bhaqts like to call everyone that’s against RSS nd BJP as anti-National, but when they disrespect the man who payed a crucial role in India’s independence, what is that…..’Desh-Bhakti’???

Rakesh Agrawal

घोर कलयुग, भगवान फालो करे भक्तो को!
And, it shows the real mindset of our PM and all his tribute to Gandhi was just a drama.


Mr Modi is trying to create intolerance among the Hindus and the Muslims


Well I personally neither like godse nor I am great fan of Gandhi … But supporter of godse have there freedom of speech and expression.. in India if people like stelin and mao can be celebrated then y not to allow some one who wants to celebrate godse…


So u want to define good terrorist and bad terrorist? Then why so much hue & cry for JNU?


the only reason Godse killed Gandhi is that people can question in the future why somebody killed Gandhi becoz he knew that for many years nobody would dare to speak against Gandhi and time would come for people to know many truths. And really it is happening….

Intelligent Logical Namo Bhakth
Intelligent Logical Namo Bhakth

I wish the media was there during Gandhi’s time to speak TRUTH TO POWER, no doubt Gandhi and Nehru were in power during those times but there was nothing called media!!

Gandhi was the root cause of Muslim Appeasement curse from which Congress and many like minded parties still suffer. History of Gandhi is full of this crime. Can you imagine a so-called Non-violence preacher shamelessly asking Hindus to get killed in hands of Muslims. In fact he promoted and encouraged Muslims to kill Hindus with his deeds and speech. Noakhali is the burning example. When Muslims killed millions of Hindus and raped millions of Hindu women, this man coolly spent his time somewhere singing “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram……” and did nothing to protect unarmed Hindus from the massacre by the… Read more »