One of the most common utility of fake news is as a weapon for character assassination and vilification. Alt News has covered many such instances where fake news has been used for the said purpose. A video was made viral with the claim that Gurmehar Kaur was ‘drinking and having fun’ in a car, when she was not. In a conservative country like India which looks down upon women drinking, that was an attempt to show Gurmehar Kaur in poor light. The victim of Chandigarh stalking incident Varnika Kunda was declared to be a friend of the accused Vikas Barala by pulling out an old unrelated picture from her Facebook album and claiming that one of the male friends in the picture was Vikas Barala. Those who are rattled by the work that Alt News has been doing have now started using the same strategy against us. Not just once, but thrice in quick succession.

It started with Rajat Sethi of Indian Foundation claiming on Republic TV on September 25th that Alt News has run articles which denied the mass graves of Hindus found in Myanmar. He stated, “I will quote here Quint and other this new favourite darling of this cabal Alt News have been deliberately trying to mute this issue, not to highlight that Hindus are also being called. They deliberately carried articles, and I’m saying with full responsibility, they deliberately carried articles saying oh.. no no no Hindus are being killed.” The video clip can be seen below.

This is an utter lie. The only article that Alt News carried on the Rohingya issue was actually on September 26th, a day after Rajat Sethi made his claim on live TV. This article documented how images of children were being misused to spread misinformation in the context of Rohingya conflict.

This was followed by one Anurag Dixit who is followed by PM Modi on Twitter who not only posted abusive tweets but engaged in defamation using a photoshopped tweet. The initial abusive tweet from Dixit addressed to liberals evoked strong reaction from many twitter users. Dixit later deleted his tweet but not before several people had taken a screenshot of it.

Among others, I also tweeted about Dixit’s offensive tweet, pointing out that he was followed by PM Modi on Twitter.

He tried to argue that it was his freedom of expression. “I will write what I feel like, I will delete what I feel. I will apologize when I want and troll when I feel”.

Enraged by people calling him out for his tweet, he posted a fake photoshopped abusive tweet addressed to PM Modi which appeared to originate from my Twitter account and which said, “Dear PM माँ चुड़…“.

bhootnath photoshopped tweet

Dixit has deleted his photoshopped tweet after I filed a police complaint against him.

Despite his abusive tweets and attempt to defame with a photoshopped tweet, Dixit had support not only from right wing twitter users but also BJP MP, Mahesh Giri.

There was also BJP National IT Cell head Amit Malviya seemingly suggesting that that there’s an FIR against me. Despite repeated attempts to get a response from him, he refused to clarify. For the record, I do not have any FIR against me.

While Alt News is open to all kinds of scrutiny, in the light of this concerted vilification campaign, we request our readers to reach out to us for clarification in case they see any statement that is attributed to us attempting to show Alt News in poor light.

Finally, we wish to thank our readers for all the messages of love, support and appreciation that are sent on social media and via emails. It is something that keeps inspiring us. We also want to congratulate Boom FactCheck and SMHoaxSlayer and numerous other individuals for the tremendous work they are doing in countering fake news. No amount of vilification can stop this crusade against fake news.

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You can be rest assured that by exposing such fake news Alt News is hurting where it hurts most


They r doing to shut u up… u dont bow down altNews… Happy Gandhi Jayanti “they will first ignore you, then ridicule you, then fight with you and then you win”


Why is the BJP MP assuring that nothing will happen. If there’s an FIR against the said person, the next course must be a diligent probe and further action. What inference be made of this not-so-subtle assurance to the abuser? I am actually distressed after reading this because even if we complaint against our abuser, who is openly attacking with illegitimate tools, he or she is escorted by the lawmakers. This could happen to any of us and not all of us have the comforts of good lawyers.

Raj Baral

What a amazing country where ruling establishment promotes the fake news and dark abusive language and our innocent Pradhan Sevak aka Na Mo deliberately follows them. WOW.

Thanks Alt News, I appreciate your every keen efforts to bring out the truth. I salute your daring Journalism.

Ajajul Ali Khan

Pratikji great work done by you.i salute to you.regards.

Danish Iqbal

Hola! Como estas?
Mr Pratik i love your articles,your thorough knowledge and exploring research are really appreciating.Keep moving my respected Sir.We the Indians need you because we love you. We respect your way of divulging the details of any information.I have never seen unprecedented surge of the people of India before as now we have been watching about facts check.Never ever feel fear we are with you forever. You expose all fake news with your remarkable study. Kadam kadam badhaye ja khushi ke geet gaye ja ye zindagi hai qaum ki tu qaum pe lutayeja. JAI HIND MY BELOVED BROTHER…


They want to suppress the voice of truth and they will go to any level to do so, Keep It up Sir. God Bless You.

M Kumar

Thanks Pratik for reaching out and exposing all the fake news. you have started stirring up the dead brains who just follow what our leaders say. You have made them to realize and reason within themselves . Awakening will surely happen gradually .Please keep it up and fully expose those propagating and following such fake news initiators.
It is not at all surprising that our Great PM as well as his whole team follows such fake news initiators.

John M

Dear Pratik……… are a true pratik of modern day information warriors. Your service to truth and humanity cannot be thanked in words. May your ilk grow manifold. Please do not be deterred by bullies and twitter goondas. May you be succesful

chetan ratan
I have seen many comments by these so called nationalists on many forums which are just abusive and many of these abusive comments are endorsed by people who command leadership position in BJP, I still do not understand what these people wish to portray by using such abusive words, is this anger against perceived historical prejudices or just a way to remain in limelight………..I feel it is a manufactured anger which is more targeted at the failure of the nationalist government to deliver on tall promises made and as these SUPPORTORS have no tangible deliverables or deliveries to support they… Read more »