Video from Gujarat shared as upper caste men in UP assault Dalit woman for drawing water from well

A disturbing video of three men brutally assaulting a woman with sticks and pulling her by her hair was shared by Akali Dal member Manjinder S Sirsa. He wrote (archive), ” I don’t know if the mistreatment of the Dalit woman is due to water or something else…I urge @Uppolice to investigate & to strong action against culprits.”

[Warning: Violent and disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.]

The same video has also been shared with a caption in Telugu — “In Uttar Pradesh, a Dalit woman has been brutally beaten for drinking water from a well belonging to the upper caste people. (ఈ ఘోరం ఏమిటి? దీన్ని అపేదెవరు? ఉత్తర ప్రదేశ్ లో దళిత మహిళ అగ్ర వర్ణాల కు చెందినవారి బావిలో త్రాగునీరు తోడుకున్నందుకు వారని అమానవీయంగా కొడుతున్నారు. త్రాగు నీరు తోడు కోవడమే నేరమా?”)


ఈ ఘోరం ఏమిటి? దీన్ని అపేదెవరు?
ఉత్తర ప్రదేశ్ లో దళిత మహిళ అగ్ర వర్ణాల కు చెందినవారి బావిలో త్రాగునీరు తోడుకున్నందుకు వారని అమానవీయంగా కొడుతున్నారు. త్రాగు నీరు తోడు కోవడమే నేరమా?

Posted by Yadartha Vaadhi Tv on Saturday, 6 June 2020

The clip is also circulating on WhatsApp.


This incident is not from Uttar Pradesh but took place in a region bordering Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. A reverse image search of a frame of the video led to a few news reports. An article from One India dated May 27, 2020, said, “This case of a minor girl beaten is from tribal areas where punishments are brutal. She was brutally beaten for being in an illicit relationship.” A Punjab Kesari report from May 28 says, “A 16-year-old tribal girl was brutally beaten up by three men in front of her father and villagers when she went with a boy to a village in Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat.” The Daily Mail also reported it on May 28.

According to Dainik Jagran’s May 27 report, “PI Vasava of Rangpur police station reported that 17-year-old teenager, living with her aunt in Kolbokadia village, was in love with a young man from the village. Both of them used to meet in secret. A few days ago, they ran away from home. When the girl’s uncle and other family members living in Bhilwant village found out, they began searching for her. On Thursday, the teenager was discovered in a village in Madhya Pradesh and was brought to Bhilwant village. In Bhilwand village, the girl was tied with a rope. After this, the villagers took the teenager outside the village and beat her brutally with sticks. The accused also pulled the teenager’s hair and clothes. When the victim’s father came to the rescue, he was also brutally beaten. Following a complaint, the police arrested around 15 people from Bhilwand village. ”

UP Superintendent of Police (SP) Sonbhadra issued a statement and said that the video has no relation with UP.


सोशल मीडिया पर एक वीडियो जो यूपी के सोनभद्र बीजपुर में दलित महिला के कुएं से पानी भरने पर सवर्णों ने महिला को बेरहमी से पीटा नाम से वायरल हो रहा है जिसमें कुछ व्यक्ति एक लड़की को डंडे से पीटते नज़र आ रहे हैँ। उक्त वीडियो की सत्यता के सम्बंध में पुलिस अधीक्षक सोनभद्र द्वारा दी गयी बाइट ।

Posted by SP Sonbhadra on Monday, 8 June 2020

Therefore, a video of a girl beaten in a village in Gujarat for eloping with a boy was shared with the false claim that a Dalit woman was beaten in Uttar Pradesh for drawing water from a well used by upper-caste villagers.

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