Taking part in the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra in Hyderabad on March 30, suspended BJP MLA T Raja Singh delivered yet another communally charged speech rife with open calls for violence against Muslims. He also sang songs filled with anti-Muslim rhetoric, a custom that he has been following for years. The event this year was jointly organized by Sri Ram Navami Utsav Committee and Sri Ram Yuva Sena, reported The Quint.

The Shobha Yatra was publicized as early as February 7, 50 days before the day of the rally. A Facebook page called टी राजा सिंह – T Raja Singh released the poster with the caption ‘होजाओ तैयार हिन्दुओ’ (‘Get ready Hindus’). According to the poster, the rally would commence from the Akashpuri Hanuman Mandir in Dhoolpet, Hyderabad.

According to a map of the Shobha Yatra route released by the Hyderabad Traffic Police prior to the event, T Raja’s procession (Procession II) met the main procession (I) at Gangabowli X Road. The procession ended at the Hanuman Vyamashala.

A clash between people belonging to two communities reportedly occurred in the Charminar area on the same day. People from one community attacked a few people from another community after people from the latter group came on a bike and shouted slogans on Ram Navami during Ramadan evening prayers. A police statement later revealed that the Ram Navami group changed its route and took a different path, which led to the clash. Police immediately reached the spot and evicted both groups from the area. “We have filed a case against the group for not following the permitted route,” said the police.

The rally also saw portraits of Nathuram Godse, MK Gandhi’s assassin, being waved by participants.

T Raja later issued a clarification on the sighting of Godse’s picture at the Shobha Yatra in a video statement released on his Twitter account. “There were a lot of Ram devotees at the rally. Some brought a poster of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, some brought Maharana Pratap’s poster, and some brought Veer Savarkar’s poster and participated in the rally in full spirit. Somebody brought a poster of Nathuram Godse and the media persons have started tagging (me). I want to tell those media persons that there were lakhs of people at the rally, and I do not know who’s thinking what”. He further asks the media to consider why lakhs of Hindu devotees came out to show their support for an Akhand Hindu Rashtra despite ‘traitor’ Owaisi being at the helm of affairs in a state like Telangana.

A verified YouTube channel named Shree Ram Channel Telangana has uploaded all of T Raja’s speeches in recdent times. The username of the channel is @TigerRajaSingh. The videos on the channel often carry titles such as “I am a Mad Mad Hindu | I’m not a secular type” and “Most Aggressive Speech of 2023 – Raja Singh“. Almost all of the speeches have mentions of violence and economic boycotts against Muslims.

Alt News has attempted to document and analyse his speeches at the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra in Hyderabad below.

T Raja Singh’s Song: ‘Aadhey Kaate Ho, Poore Kaat Jaoge

In the days leading up to the Shobha Yatra, T Raja Singh released several songs filled with anti-Muslim rhetoric which he was heard singing to the huge crowd of attendees. He called for violence against Muslims by singing lines like “Khaul utha hai khoon humara, bahega bas ab khun tumhara” (Translation: Our blood is boiling, now only your blood will flow) and “Agar humare karm par awaaz uthaoge, pehle se aadhey kaate ho, poore kaat jaoge” (Translation: If you raise your voice on our deeds, you are already half-circumcised, you will be cut completely).

We have attempted to transcribe and analyse the lyrics of one such song below.

Hindu Dharam ki shaan hai Bhagwa, Hindu veer ki jaan hai Bhagwa
Hindu Dharam ki maan hai Bhagwa, Hindu veer ki praan hai Bhagwa.
Aur inko hum Bhagwe rang se rang daalenge, hum banke Shivaji naya ithihas racha dengay
Bharat ko hum bhagwe range se rangwa lenge, hum banke Shivaji naya ithihas racha dengay
Jay Siya Ram, Jay Siya Ram, Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram (x2).
Hum Dharam ki laaj bachayenge, Hum haat haat se milayenge.
Hum dharti par Ram Rajya phir layenge, bas dekhne wale dekhte hi reh jayenge
Jay Siya Ram, Jaysiya Ram, Raghupati Raja Ram (x2)

The first stanza of the song sends a message of warning to Muslims, whom he refers to as “inko”. Through his song, he speaks about an imminent Hindu Rashtra where the Muslims would be forced to wear Saffron. He urges Hindus to stand united and establish a ‘Ram Rajya’ in the country.

Hinduon ki shaan hai Bhagwa dikha denge, har ghar par Bhagwa jhanda lehra denge (x2)
Jay Siya Ram, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram (x2)
Hindu hai hum Hindu beta, humko na kam samjho beta.
Bohot se inke ab hum na seh payenge, Hindu dharam kya cheez hai tumko batayenge (x2)
Jay Siya Ram, Jay Siya Ram, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram (x2)
Khaul utha hai khoon humara, bahega bas ab khun tumhara (x2)
Agar humare dharam par awaaz uthaoge, pehle se aadhey kaate ho, poore kaat jaoge (x2)
Jay Siya Ram, Jay Siya Ram, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram.

The second stanza, more aggressive in content than the first, makes violent threats against Muslims. T Raja insinuates that Hindus would no longer tolerate Muslims and that Hindus would show them what religion actually means. “Our blood is boiling, now only your blood will flow” is one of the lines T raja can be heard singing, addressing Muslims. He also threatened to “cut the already half-circumcised Muslims” in an evidently open call for violence While T Raja spewed communal hatred through his song, the huge crowd of attendees was seen dancing and celebrating as they cheered T Raja on.

T Raja Singh’s Speech near Jamia Masjid: ‘Will Give my Life for Hindutva’

The procession was seen crossing a mosque when T Raja asks the driver to stop in front of it. He goes on to chant slogans of Jai Sri Ram. He thanks his Hindu attendees for attending the Shobha Yatra in such huge numbers. Addressing the police officials present at the scene, he says, “They are devotees of Ram, don’t push them. These are the same Ram devotees whose push led to the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. In the future, one more push will lead to another grand temple in Mathura and another push will lead to another temple in Kashi also”.

He also sends out a message to the authorities saying that “Raja Singh kisi ke baap se darrne wala nahi hai”. He is heard using expletives while addressing the authority, asking them to shut the Muslims up (whom he refers to as dogs). “We asked you to stop the ones who were cursing our Ramchandra and you did nothing and gave those haraamis police protection. I spoke about Hindutva, and you put me in jail for 77 days”, he says while the attendees break out in a loud cheer. The first half of this quote refers to Munawar Faruqui’s stand-up show in Hyderabad which was protested by T Raja Singh. T Raja was among the 50 people who were taken into preventive custody at Madhapur when they were proceeding to Shilpa Kala Vedika to stage a protest at Faruqui’s show. Faruqui’s show went off peacefully amidst security provided by 600 police personnel. The latter half refers to his arrest again on August 25 under the Preventive Detention Act, for his remarks against Prophet Mohammed, which he made in a video disparaging standup comic Munawar Faruqui after his Hyderabad show. He was released on November 9.

T Raja says that jail is not new to him. If the legislative assembly is his first home then jail is his second home, he adds.

“I want to tell those who tell me that my political career will be over if I don’t stop talking about Hindutva: I am a Hindu and politics is not my future. I have already become a legislator twice. I want to request the police officials to hang me or shoot me. If I remain alive then I will be your headache. I will happily give up my life for Hindutva. I want to kick the politics where I can’t speak about Hindutva. I have come out with a shroud on my head (implying that he is ready to die), and my only aim now is to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra. No power can stop India from becoming a Hindu Rashtra. Today sadhus, and Hindutva politicians, all demand a Hindu Rashtra. There are more than 50 Islamic countries, then why can’t a country of 100 crores of Hindus become a Hindu Rashtra!”

“I want to ask the police: You will retire one day. Will you stop the Love Jihadis and the forceful conversion of Hindus? At present, thousands and lakhs of my Hindu daughters and sisters are being converted in the name of Love Jihad. If I talk about Love Jihad, you file FIRs against me. If I talk about the many saints and Ram devotees who died for the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, you register cases against me….If I speak about cow slaughter, you book FIRs against me. Brothers, ever since I was released from jail, several FIRs have been registered against me. I know that after Ram Navami, I will again be put in jail. I don’t know when I’ll come out. But my Hindu brothers, we have endured a lot, and we won’t anymore. Regardless of my presence, you all have to raise your voices for an Akhand Hindu Rashtra“.

In an arguably more dangerous stunt, T Raja introduces his son to the already volatile and violent crowd, using vile remarks and expletives while doing so. “Arey 2 din pehle mujhe ek phone ata hai, aur kehte hai ki hum tumhare bete ko kidnap kar lengay. Hum tumhare bete ko chhodengay nahi toh aaj…kaha hai upar aa [calls his son to get on platform], arey m********* [expletive], ye mera beta hai, bada beta. Main marunga aaj nahi toh kal, arey jis din bhi main marunga, meri jagah par ye Hindutva ka karye karega. Agar kisi ki amma ne [inaudible] utha le mere bete ko, agar mere parivar tak koi b********* [expletive], agar aankh utha kar dekhega, ithihas rach dunga. Mere parivar par jo ungli uthayegi uska haat, uska naam o nishaan khatam kar dunga. Arey chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj ho ya Shambhaji Maharaj ho, ya Guru Govind Singh ho, unhone desh dharam ki raksha ke liye, apna parivaar nichhawar kar diya, mai mere parivaar ko bhi nichhawar karne ke liya taiyaar hoon. Mai Hindu Rashtra ke liye mere parivaar ka nichhawar kar sakta hu, lekin ek baat yaad rakhna- agar main bach gaya toh saalon tum nahi bachoge. Agar mai bach gaya toh koi nahi bachega, toh sabse pehle tumko mujhe marna hoga. Bolo Bharat Mata Ki..”

Translation: 2 days ago, I got a call saying that ‘we will kidnap your son. We will show him no mercy’. Where are you? Come up [proceeds to call his son to the platform], you mo*********** [expletive], this is my son, eldest son. I will die either today or tomorrow and when I die, he will work for Hindutva as my replacement….. If a b*********** [expletive] so much as looks at my family, I will wreak havoc. If anyone raises even a finger at my family, I will destroy them. Be it Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shambhaji Maharaj or Guru Govind Singh, all of them sacrificed their families to protect the country and religion, I am ready to do so too for a Hindu Rashtra. But remember one thing, if I survive, then you won’t survive. If I survive, then none of you will survive, so you will have to kill me first.

A transcript of the full speech can be found here.

T Raja’s speech in front of Gowliguda Gurudwara: Aurangzeb & ‘Forceful Conversions’

T Raja starts his speech by seeking the blessings of all the women and his ‘Sikh brothers’ present at the rally. “Do you know about Bhai Banno? Be it the protection of the country or religion, this is the community that has made the biggest sacrifice. Today we Hindus are safe only because their Gurus sacrificed their lives. People may try to hide their histories but that doesn’t mean they will stay hidden for long”, he says as the crowd cheers him on.

He goes on to use the example of Teg Bahadur Singh and claims that he sacrificed his life for the protection of the Hindutva faith but never let it down. He speaks about the Mughals and claimed that ‘haraami Aurangzeb’ would forcefully convert Hindus, especially Kashmiri Pandits, to Islam by keeping them at the tip of his sword. He further claims that Aurangzeb attempted to convert Hindu Gurus and Pandits to Islam, in order to successfully convert all Hindus to Islam in lesser time. “When the Kashmiri Pandits were being tortured and force-fed cow meat and Hindu women were being raped by Aurangzeb’s men, the Pandits realised the need for a sant (saint) to save them from their misfortune. They came to know about a brave man and a great saint, who was the only person capable of saving the Kashmiri Pandits. That saint was Teg Bahadur Singh Saheb, my brothers”.

Singh further claims that Teg Bahadur Singh promised to help the Kashmiri Pandits, and posed an open challenge to Aurangzeb. According to T Raja, Teg Bahadur Singh and three disciples were captured and forced to convert by Aurangzeb. “That cruel and paapi Aurangzeb mutilated and burnt Maharaj’s disciples in front. Then Aurangzeb asked Teg Bahadur to convert to which he refused. So that haraami Aurangzeb severed Maharaj’s head, my brothers. But Maharaj did bow down, he sacrificed his life for Kashmiri Pandits my brothers. Today Hindus of the world are in debt to our Sikh brothers and friend… they were in debt, they are in debt and they will remain in debt”.

A transcript of the full speech can be found here.

T Raja’s Begum Bazaar Speech (I): ‘Country of 100 crore Hindus should be Hindu Rashtra’

T Raja starts his speech by emphasizing the need for the establishment of an Akhand Hindu Rashtra. “Are you ready to take a resolution? Why can’t a country of 100 crore Hindues be a Hindu Rashtra? Should India be an Akhand Hindu Rashtra?” he asks the attendees who affirm in a loud cheer. He poses a question to the ‘impotent’ (as referred to by T Raja himself) politicians who oppose an Akhand Hindu Rashtra, “There are more than fifty Islamic countries and more than 150 Christian countries in the world, why can’t my India be an Akhand Hindu Rashtra?”.

He claims that every state that was separated from India went on to become an Islamic nation. He is heard giving examples of Iran which apparently separated from India and became an independent Islamic nation in 1370, Afghanistan in 1761, Pakistan in 1947 and Bangladesh in 1971. He also names Myanmar, Tibet and Bhutan although all three are Buddhist-majority countries. He claims that the reason behind all of the aforementioned countries being Islamic nations is that Hindus were divided. “Jaha Hindu batt-tha hai waha Hindu katt-tha hai aur woh ek Islamic desh banta hai mere bhaiyon (“Where Hindus are divided, there they are slaughtered and an Islamic nation is created, my brothers).

T Raja then goes on to state that two Indian states, West Bengal and Kerala, would also proceed to form separate Islamic nations because the Hindus are apparently divided and thus being slaughtered in those two states. It is pertinent to note here that both states have a non-BJP government. He states that there is a lack of Hindu unity at present and that Hindus are divided by casteism and political parties.

But T Raja is determined. “No matter how many people oppose Hindus and Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Rashtra is imminent- no power can stop it…Today even sadhus and saints are talking about Hindu Rashtra. Mahant Dhirendra Shastri of Bhageshwar Dham is raising his voice for an Akhand Hindu Rashtra“, he says.

Dhirendra Shastri is a 26-year-old self-styled godman who leads the Bageshwar Dham in Chhatarpur of Bundelkhand. At the beginning of this year, Shastri’s popularity became more widespread after repeated appearances on television news. In February, Alt News documented that calls for violence against Muslims and Christians were made at a programme organised in the country’s capital in support of Dhirendra Shastri.

A transcript of the full speech can be found here.

T Raja’s Begum Bazaar Speech (II): ‘Will Make India a Hindu Rashtra’

T Raja makes the attendees take an oath. “I, Raja Singh, take this oath today, with Lord Ram as my witness. Today, I resolve to make India an Akhand Hindu Rashtra. Until my India becomes an akhand Hindu Rashtra, I shall not rest peacefully. I will protect my sadhus and saints. I will protect my country’s mothers and sisters. I will give a befitting reply to all Love Jihadis. I shall not allow the forceful religious conversion. I shall not allow cow slaughter. I dedicate my life towards an akhand Hindu Rashtra. I shall not indulge in casteism, I shall not indulge in politics. As long as I am alive, I will only have one resolution: Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Rashtra”.

A transcript of the full speech can be found here.

T Raja’s Begum Bazar Speech (III): ‘Only Hindus will Vote in Hindu Rashtra’

We accessed some more footage of T Raja speaking at Malakunta Road through journalist Sumit Jha. T Raja Singh can be heard speaking about what a Hindu Rashtra would look like. He states that the capital of a Hindu Rashta would be Kashi, Mathura or Ayodhya and not Delhi. Farmers would get all the facilities, including the exemption of taxes. He goes on to say, “humare Hindu Rashtra mein hum do humare do wale ko hi vote ka adhikar diya jayega. Hum paanch humare panchaas walo ko vote ka adhikaar nahi diya jayega“. The “hum paanch, hamare panchaas” jibe is a canard against the Muslim community which implies polygamous Muslim men producing many children. Through his statement, T Raja implies that Muslims would not have the right to vote in a Hindu Rashtra.

He further states that the constitution would carry a picture of the Akhand Hindu Rashtra on the front page. “Crimes like ‘Land Jihad’ and cow slaughter would not happen and if any landya commits Love Jihad or targets out sisters and daughters, they would be thrown out of India. They won’t just be thrown out of the country, they’re already half-circumcised, we will cut them entirely and then throw them out”, he is heard saying to the volatile crowd.

Cases against T Raja Singh

Several FIRs have been lodged against him for his incendiary speeches over the past month, the latest being on April 3 when Shahinayathgunj police registered a case based on a complaint by sub-inspector C Raghavendra Reddy, who was on bandobust duty at Chudi Bazar during the Shobha Yatra. A day before this, on April 1, Afzalgunj police booked him under relevant provisions for speaking about ‘Love Jihad’, establishing a ‘Hindu rashtra’ and taking a dig at leaders of a particular community. Previously, he had been booked under IPC 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion) and 506 (criminal intimidation).

T Raja has been served two legal notices for his speech at the ‘Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha’ on January 29 in Mumbai. The rally was organised by the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Sanatan Sangha, Vanvasi Kalyan, Rajput Youth Front, Karni Sena and All India Maheshwar Samaj under the banner of the Sakal Hindu Samaj. He had been issued a show-cause notice by Hyderabad police on January 30. He was again booked by the Dadar police under Section 153-A (1) (a) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as recently as March 30, the same day as the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra.

Another FIR had been filed against him on March 19 when he and Sudarshan News editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke delivered communally charged speeches at a Hindu Jangarjna Rally organized by ‘Sakal Hindu Ekatrikaran Samiti’. They were booked under IPC sections 153 for wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot, 153 (A) for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place etc and under Section 505 for making statements amounting to public mischief. Some of the attendees broke a large illuminating board reading ‘I Love Aurangabad’ and also posted photos and videos on social media. Some of them allegedly pelted stones at a bank at Nirala Bazar and broke its glasses, tore down banners and flexes, etc.

An FIR against suspended BJP MLA from Telangana T Raja Singh was registered by the Shrirampur City police in Ahmednagar on the basis of a complaint by a resident, accusing the leader of delivering a vitriolic speech on March 10 when an organization invited him to deliver a speech on Chhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti.

Earlier, T Raja had been issued a notice for an old remark on January 19 under the CrPC Section 41 A (3) and (4). On February 2, a lawyer requested an urgent hearing in the Supreme Court against the Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha programme slated for February 5 in Mumbai. He argued that in a similar event held in the city on January 29, there were calls for violence and boycott against Muslims. The court, however, passed an order permitting the ‘Hindu Jan Akhrosh Rally’ to be held on February 5.

Speaking to Alt News, Soutik Banerjee, an advocate practising in courts in New Delhi, said, “Since the High Court had directed his release conditionally, it is incumbent upon him to comply with the conditions. By making provocative speeches full of communal vitriol, not only is he in violation of the conditions for his release, but he is committing fresh offences, and the onus is now on the police machinery to take the law to its logical conclusion”.

Alt also News reached out to DCP Hyderbabad (South West) Kiran Khare who told us that two FIRs had been registered against Raja Singh and further action would be taken based on legal opinion.

On April 4, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi held a press conference regarding the violence happening across the country during Ram Navami processions. While answering a question, the AIMIM chief requested the Telangana authorities to take strict action against Raja Singh for violating his bail conditions.

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