Here’s why Gauri Lankesh’s Facebook post about ‘free sex’ is viral

All hands on deck to malign and mock the Gauri Lankesh. “Wah Wah read and share” tweeted BJP MP Paresh Rawal about a Facebook post of Gauri Lankesh. “She called our mother a sex slave” claimed the Postcard News article about the same post that has been shared more than 60,000 times. Along with online celebrations of her murder, came these veiled social media attacks on Lankesh. “Yet we should condole her death?” asked Postcard News in an attempt to justify the celebratory posts. Others like Paresh Rawal may not have asked the question directly but circulated her old posts that they found objectionable. What is this post on “free sex” that has offended the so-called nationalists? Let us take a look at what Gauri Lankesh had said, its context and how it is being interpreted in a twisted manner after her death.

gauri lankesh sanghis if your mother did not have free sex meaning sex out of free choice then it means one of two things you are a product of rape you are a the product of a sex worker who did not perform sex for free but for a fee. sanghis, the choice is yours, you can either say your mother was involved in 'free sex' or accept that you are a result of either one of the two options that I ahve given above. I stand by kavitha kirshnan and her brave mother. incidentally, my mother had consensual and hence free sex with my father, and i am proud to be their daughter.

The Context: Never unfree, never forced

To understand the context of the “free-sex” post of Gauri Lankesh, one has to go back a long time.

The term “free sex” was used as a slur by BJP MP Subramanian Swamy against Kavita Krishnan of CPI(ML) on national television way back in 2013.

Since then, Swamy has used it several times and each time it has proven to be a cue for the online troll army to attack Krishnan. In 2016, reacting to a news item about barring a woman in a short dress from an Indigo flight, Kavita Krishnan had tweeted, “Stop this kind of sexist idiocy @IndiGo6E Length of our skirts none of your business!”

This was a time that several voices were being raised about moral policing and misogynistic comments by fringe elements associated with the right-wing. There was nothing unusual about Krishnan’s post but it elicited an unusual unprovoked reaction from Swamy. For him it was an attack on middle class values and he referred to Krishnan as a “free sex Naxalite”.

The label “free sex” led to a lot of debate about what is free and what is un-free i.e. paid or forced. In response, Kavita Krishnan had maintained, “One can only pity…. who fear ‘free sex’ – un-free sex is after all nothing but rape” and was extensively trolled for saying so.

It was Kavita Krishnan’s mother who silenced the trolls with her gutsy reply. It was about consent. It was about free choice. “Never un-free never forced”

Hey GM Das! I am Kavita's mother. Of course I had free sex. I should jolly well hope so. As and when I wanted, with the person I wanted. And I fight for every woman and man to have sex according to their consent. Never unfree. Never forced.

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Gauri Lankesh’s Facebook post was in support of Kavita Krishnan and her mother. At no point has she called anyone’s mother a “sex slave” as claimed by Postcard News. This brings us to the question, what is the outrage about? What did BJP MP Paresh Rawal find so objectionable? Is it because a woman spoke about the right of every woman to consent and free choice? If free sex is consensual sex, what is the opposite of free sex? Maybe those maligning Gauri Lankesh can explain it better to us.

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Rakesh Agrawal

Since these morons can’t have a debate and discussion so they restore to abuse and threat. Here, Gauri meant by free sex that only if the partner is willing and desiring to have sex and not out of force or compulsion and hence, no marital rape. And, Sanghis can’t digest this as they think that if a woman is married, she can be forced to have sex. That can never be free, but forced and all forced sex is nothing, but rape and she was not an product of rape.


Crap and nonsense: you accused all of being children of rapists.

The Left has historically been undemocratic, China has regular and transparent elections, just as Soviet Russia did and DPRK does! Ha Ha!

This group even censored Modi’s speech! Where do your Voltaire quotes go?

This lady’s murder was a horrific crime, but do not lie again and again1


@RagBag…you on weed or something?!! you’ve completely taken this out of context….


Sorry Rahul: you guys are on weed. You have learnt the basic of Mussolini and Goebbels to perfection! You liars smoke your own dope!


Dhabolker, Pansarey, Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh supporters beware sooner or later these professional killers will be arrested. Their sponsors will finance more on them to give false statements such as Naxals, family feud, or even may blame the sponsors enemies as responsible for this crime. We shall not be fooled by such false statements and their supari media.

Raj Baral

I couldn’t find anything wrong from Gauri Lankesh’s Facebook post about free sex. I support respectively Kavita Krishnan, Lakshami Krishnan and Gauri Lankesh who have dare to raise this issue against the man dominated and patriarchy society. Mr. Paresh Rawal no doubt you are a good actor but try to be a good human being, before commenting about something, you should introspection to yourself. If you have dare, then give your explanation to those questions which are raised by Sam Jawed at the end of this article. I am waiting for answer.
Once again thanks Sam.

Mallikarjuna Sharma

But ‘free sex’ does not mean just ‘consensual sex’ – so Gauri Lankesh was obviously wrong in equating the two – may be Sanghis were harsh and obscurantist but her explanation is also cranky.


This is the Goebnes=lsian nature of the Left:

1. Only it has intelligence
2. Only it haS THE for
3. It has the right to muzzle the right
4. It can abuse and even become violent’

What a mess of your brains we see! Lost and confused souls filled with hatred for growth and love for the gulag mind!

Ankur Singh

Informative article.
Surely the context in which Gauri Lankesh used it is important to take into account before coming to any conclusion. But these right wing trolls take a page out o the book and use it to tarnish image of the dissenters.


They aren’t getting any, I guess; it tends to warp one’s mind after some time 🙂


I get the context now in which she said. But still being a journalist one can’t indulge in name calling like sanghis or chaddis. It appears she derived a crude pleasure from that like an internet troll.