“बंदा खुद टोपी नही पहनता, लेकिन शेखों को भगवा पहनाकर आता है…मोदी जी आपके मन मे क्या है जय श्री राम (Man himself does not wear a cap but makes Sheikhs wear saffron. Modi ji, what’s in your heart? Jai Shri Ram.)” – is the caption used to share an image of PM Modi with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed where the latter is seen wearing saffron-coloured thawb and keffiyeh with Hindu inscriptions.

The image has also been shared on Facebook. (मोदी 2.0 ( मोदी समर्थक जुड़े), ‼️अखंड भारत‼️)

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The same image was shared in 2019 by Atul Kushwaha, who identified as BJP Kisan Morcha member. He has now changed both his to ‘Department of Silk’.


One glance at the image is sufficient to debunk that it is poorly photoshopped. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Abu Dhabi in 2019 where he met with the Crown Prince to discuss ways to boost trade and cultural ties between the two countries. The PM was also conferred ‘Order of Zayed’, the UAE’s highest civilian award, on his visit. The photograph in question was taken during his trip and was tweeted by Mohammed Bin Zayed himself on August 25, 2019.

In the original image, his clothes are white. PMO India had also tweeted images of the visit.

A poorly photoshopped image was attempted to be passed off on social media as Abu Dhabi Crown Prince adorning saffron robes.

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