A video of a woman and two children lying in a pool of blood in the courtyard of a house has been widely shared on social media. The accompanying claim suggests that a man named Ajmal Khan had fallen in love with a Hindu woman in Rajasthan. He went to her place to ask her hand in marriage but the woman’s father drove him away. The next day, he came armed with a knife and murdered the entire family, the claim further alleges. Alt News is not uploading the video in this article due to its graphic nature.

(The complete message in Hindi reads, “राज्यस्थान मे एक मुस्लिम हुआ बेकाबू अजमल खान को एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पसंद आ गई और वो शादी करने के लिए पहुचा उसके घर रिश्ता ले केफिर लड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया उसके बाद अजमल ने परिवार के साथ क्या किया देखे आप सभी.”)

Alt News has received numerous fact-check requests for the video on its WhatsApp helpline number (+91 76000 11160).

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The clip has also been shared on Twitter.

False communal spin

According to local Hindi news reports, a man attacked his wife and daughters in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The accused has been identified as Ajit. No media outlet reported a communal angle but a case of domestic violence.

Alt News contacted Ajmer police and also sent across the video widespread on social media. The police informed us that the accompanying claim is false. “Ajit attacked his wife Kavita and daughters Angel, 5, and Anu, 7. He also injured himself. While both his daughters passed away, the couple has been admitted to the hospital.” When asked about the motive behind the crime, the police said, “Kavita had undergone a hysterectomy that prevented her from getting pregnant. Ajit was severely depressed the past few months knowing that he could not have more children. He had two daughters and wanted a son.”

The police also informed that Kavita’s paternal family is Hindu and Ajit hailed from Rajasthan’s Cheetah Mehrat community that comprises both Hindus and Muslims. “Ajit had Hindus in his family but he identified as a Muslim. But his action wasn’t communally motivated,” the police said. The Cheetah Mehrat community, spread across several districts in Rajasthan, is unique in the sense that a Hindu father who identifies as part of the community can have children who follow Islam or vice-versa. Each person’s lifestyle within the community is based on the religion they follow.

Ajmer police had put out a statement that said the incident occurred on July 14. According to the statement, Kavita’s paternal family was informed of the attack but they refused to visit. The family has been upset with Kavita for over 10 years since she decided to marry Ajit.

The incident has also been reported in the media, albeit with a slight difference in the details. Dainik Jagran reported that Ajit, a resident of Kharwa village located on the highway of Beawar subdivision of Ajmer district, attacked his family because he was depressed due to unemployment and financial crisis. The outlet also said that Ajit was overburdened with household chores after Kavita’s hysterectomy. He wanted to kill them and subsequently die by suicide. According to Patrika, which also said that he was suffering from unemployment, Ajit was caught by villagers when he tried to run away. One of the first Twitter users who shared the video had asserted the same.

An incident of a man killing his two daughters and injuring his wife was falsely communalised on social media. A fictitious story that ‘Ajmal Khan’ killed the family of the woman he wanted to marry was manufactured and widely shared online.

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