‘Muslims fed bomb to cow which blew inside her mouth’, screamed ShankhNaad on its twitter page. The communal rabble rousing website posted a video shot in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, in which a cow is seen with its mouth blown off and is bleeding profusely.

ShankhNaad expectedly claimed that it was the handiwork of Muslims who deliberately planted a bomb inside the cow’s mouth by forcefully inserting it and exploding it. The news of the cow attacked by muslims was picked up by right wing twitter handles in no time.

A crowd soon gathered at the site when the news that the cow’s mouth had been blown off spread, and protests took place. Some of the protesters set fire to the shacks where the cow had been injured. Bajrang Dal activists rushed to the site but so did the police and the situation was contained.

So what really happened? How did the cow’s mouth get blown off? Was it done by members of the Muslim community as alleged? A report by a local news channel Sagar TV revealed the truth.

The incident occurred in an area called Ahmadpur road in the town of Vidisha. The cow had chewed on an explosive that was kept inside a plastic bag. The area has been encroached upon and it was in one of the shacks that the bag with the explosive was kept. The protesters who had gathered at the spot were demanding that the encroachments be removed as the area according to them had become unsafe.

Alt News spoke to the SP of Vidisha Vineet Kapoor who confirmed that the cow had indeed been injured due to accidentally chewing an explosive. “The explosive, known as ‘suar maar bomb’ (handmade bomb) is used by the nomadic tribe presently inhabiting the area for hunting wild pigs and are triggered by pressure. The cow accidentally chewed on the bomb when it was grazing the area, as a result of which it exploded. There is no Muslim or communal angle“, he told Alt News.

Local publications also reported the same while covering this incident.

A similar incident wherein a cow died after chewing on a similar country bomb happened in Malvan Taluka in Maharashtra in January 2017.

An unfortunate accident was portrayed as a communal attack, and the Muslim community was blamed by ShankhNaad in its inflammatory post which was as usual full of lies. Alt News recently did an expose on ShankhNaad revealing its poisonous agenda. The issue of the cow is a sensitive one with religious sentiments of the majority community involved, and the way ShankhNaad sought to foment hate by spreading an outright lie once again brings focus on why no action is taken against the website and its owner.

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